COVID-19 Fundraisers for PSD

Opportunities to help PSD students, families and staff during COVID-19


How you can support PSD community needs

  • Direct donation through SchoolPay or through the PSD Foundation Family Compassion Fund for PSD COVID-19 response efforts
  • Participate in school fundraisers for specific school communities
  • Participate in or coordinate a community fundraiser that benefits PSD students and families during the health crisis

Donate through SchoolPay or the PSD Foundation to help PSD COVID-19 support efforts

Proceeds from the following PSD fundraisers are donated directly to PSD, a tax-exempt governmental organization. Please consider donating what you can to back PSD efforts to support students and families during the pandemic.

How you can donate:

Donations go to these PSD efforts:Staff make lunches for students.

  • Student internet connectivity - Support goes toward providing internet access for remote learning to students who do not Staff work on a hotspot vehicle to make Internet available to students who don't have it.have it. Learn about PSD, community and service provider efforts on the Internet Access web page. 
  • PSD emergency family support - Funds go toward making a difference for students and families experiencing homelessness or who have been identified as having high needs.


Community fundraisers for PSD 

Fundraisers hosted by outside organizations to support PSD students, families and staff during the COVID-19 crisis may be listed here. We thank our community for their generosity and support.

Listing contact: PSD Partnership Coordinator Beth Higgins,

To be listed here, fundraisers should meet this criteria:  

  • At least 50% of proceeds are donated to support PSD students, families and/or staff  impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.  
  • Are hosted virtually or in a format that complies with physical distancing protocols and safety recommendations/orders from health officials.  

Disclaimers and notes:

  • PSD will not accept donations from or promote fundraisers hosted by marijuana dispensaries.  
  • PSD reserves the right to not share information about an organization’s fundraiser for any reason, including if the organization is not consistent with the district’s educational values.  
  • Listed fundraisers have pledged that they will donate funds to PSD. However, PSD does not have control over how outside organizations distribute their funds.

Contact Information

PSD Partnership Coordinator 
Beth Higgins | 970.490.3208 |