Grads at a Glance: Seniors describe experiences this year and future plans


When school becomes home and home becomes school

During the 2020-21 school year, we have seen the graduates of 2021 adapt and overcome, showing that education and excellence comes not always from where you learn, but how open you are to learning.

As part of the 2021 Grads at a Glance series, we asked soon-to-be graduates to share two words: one that describes their school-home experiences during the 2020-21 school year and another that represents what they see for their futures. 

For details about graduation ceremonies, visit the Graduation 2021 web page. 

Grads at a Glance Portraits

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Ruth Regala

Ruth began in PCA's Journey Program. She's now taking classes at FRCC.


Michael Dolgosh, FRHS graduate

Michael likes playing the guitar and going to the gym. He plans to study animal sciences.


Paige Hill, PHS graduate

Paige, a four-year member of FFA, is going to the University of Utah. 


Elise Smets, RMHS graduate

As a peer mentor, Elise has supported others. She's ready to pursue her dreams.

Johnathan Tilman, FCHS graduate

JT has his own candle business. Since COVID, he connects with others more.


Adrian Munoz, PGA

Adrian, a parent and student, wants to be a mechanic. He's taking classes at FRCC. 


Tia Randazzo, PCA graduate

Tia believes doing what you love is more important than doing what's normal.


Brooke Seckman, CHS graduate

Brooke is getting her EMT certification. She plans to attend CSU and help others.

Julie Petrino, PGA graduate

Julie is a swimmer and photographer. She adapted to obstacles this year.


Willow Duran, Polaris graduate

Willow was detached from school. The pandemic shaped her as a learner.  


Milo Telling, Polaris graduate

Milo is an artist of all kinds. Read about his passions, family and support at school.  


Edwar Lopez Mendez, FCHS graduate

Edwar excelled in the Newcomer Program. He worked hard to stay engaged this year.