Dr. Todd Lambert message about Jan. 6 Capitol attack

Dear PSD staff and families,  

We have been inundated by the deeply disturbing images and video footage that flooded our social media feeds and TVs over the past 24 hours. 

The attack on our nation's Capitol was an affront to our democracy and so many of the tenets that we hold dear, as a country and as an institution of public education.  

These alarming events are infuriating to me, and I can only imagine how confusing and overwhelming they may be for children. Our teachers and staff are here for students as we help them process what has happened. This is a teachable moment, and the lessons they learn today will follow them long after they graduate from PSD. 

To make lasting changes and address our collective challenges, we have a moral imperative to act peacefully and respectfully. Our young people are looking at us to model how to react and move forward in a way that builds trust and community and honors people for who they are. They are counting on us to do so, as we are counting on them to work with us toward a better future – one we can be proud to call our own. 



Todd Lambert, Ph.D.  

Interim Superintendent of Schools 
Poudre School District