May 6 GHH: Thank you teachers, lunch heroes, nurses; summer break is almost here!

Springtime sprint to summer  

A short two weeks and a few days separate us from a summer break to rest and recharge. The PSD community’s collective perseverance and resilience has been a driving force to get through this challenging year. As we look forward to a more “normal” school year in the fall, we have confidence and pride in our communities. Enjoy these last weeks of school together with teachers, staff and classmates, as well as at your end-of-year celebrations. 
We can do this! #PSDtogether  

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May 6 GHH

This edition covers: 

  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • PSD thanks lunch heroes, nurses
  • Grads at a Glance - stories from the Class of 2021
  • PSD Now video with the latest happenings across PSD
  • Students - Apply for the Board's SAC
  • Lopez principal announced
  • College and career readiness for students
  • Kindergarten registration!
  • Last day of school 
  • Summer programming



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