What health conditions may mean for our mask approach

Dear PSD community,

Together, we have an incredible responsibility to work as a team. To accomplish that, our communication must be open, honest and compassionate. Our children and the PSD community are always at the center of our hearts and work.

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As we continue responding to COVID-19, many of you have expressed your thoughts and suggestions. I hear you. Our Board of Education hears you. Everyone feels differently about what’s best for them and that’s OK. We can agree that living and working in a global pandemic is complex and that we all face tough decisions.

We believe that students need to be in school to feel a deep sense of belonging and have opportunities to accelerate their learning. With students beginning the school year in classrooms, we are grappling with the changing conditions in our county and what they may mean for our mask protocols.

Please know, we have not yet made a new decision. However, it is possible that we may need to re-evaluate what mask-wearing looks like in our buildings. With this in mind, we are considering a lot of information including the following:

  • Cases across the nation and locally are rising due to the highly contagious and quickly spreading Delta variant.
  • Recent Larimer County data show that there are elevated positivity rates among younger people. Positivity rates have jumped among older adults this past week, as well.
  • Hospitalizations are increasing locally, and the one-week case rate in Larimer County is up more than 25% from last week, according to health department data.
  • Not all PSD students are yet eligible for the vaccine.

Determining what our approach to masks should be is particularly challenging. Although Larimer County has a higher vaccination rate than some, there are several other factors that will inform our decision-making. We are also weighing changing health guidelines for schools and, as of today, national, state and local guidance isn’t aligned.

We, like you, are frustrated by the constant change that we’re experiencing. One constant we can guarantee is that we will continue working in the best interests of our students, staff and communities. You can expect additional communication before the start of school.

If you are eligible and considering whether to get vaccinated, please do so. Ultimately, it’s your choice. We believe it can help keep our students in school.

Thank you for your continued partnership.

With appreciation,


Brian Kingsley