Student Paid Tuition College Programs

High school students can take college classes at Colorado State University and through the CU Succeed program. Students/families pay tuition, fees and textbook costs.

Students interested in taking college classes are required to meet and discuss options with their high school counselor.

Colorado State University college credit classes

Required form: CSU enrollment request form

Students take college-credit courses on the CSU campus. Credits are transferable. For courses, registration and tuition information, visit the CSU Dual Enrollment web pageTravel is the responsibility of the student/family.  

CU Succeed college credit classes at PSD high schools

Students enroll in University of Colorado Denver courses and take classes at their high school. Courses are taught by high school teachers with credentials to teach at the college level. These classes are offered at a reduced-tuition rate.   

For more information about CU Succeed courses at PSD high schools, see your school counselor.


Please reach out to your high school counselor.