Classes at College Campuses

Campus Select lets students get a head start on college

Through the Campus Select program, students may attend college classes on local campuses. Transportation is not provided. Campus Select concurrent enrollment courses are available at Front Range Community College or AIMS Community College. Tuition is paid by PSD.

Students who complete 12 credit hours of concurrent enrollment classes may be eligible to participate in the ASCENT program, that allows eligible students to take a fifth year of high school, consisting of all college level classes. Learn more on the ASCENT Program web page.

By taking concurrent enrollment classes, students get a head start on earning college credits and can possibly earn an associate degree by the time they graduate from high school. Consequently, students may graduate from high school with two years of college already completed with tuition costs paid by PSD. Credits are guaranteed to transfer to any public Colorado college.


Free Tuition and Agreement Forms

Students and parents must sign agreement forms to participate

Tuition is free. However, students and parents must sign the agreement form (available in the table below), which states if the student fails or withdraws from class after the first drop date, they are responsible for paying back tuition cost to the district. 



Campus Select Courses

Students wanting to take college classes should meet with their school counselor.




Agreement Form


Front Range 
Community College



FRCC Catalog

Tuition: Free

Students are responsible for:


Books - FRCC Bookstore


Community College

AIMS Catalog 

AIMS Helpful Checklist

Tuition: Free

Students are responsible for:


Books - AIMS Bookstore


Colorado State

Approved CSU Classes


    Tuition: PSD pays a portion per each credit hour. Families are responsible for remaining tuition costs.

    Students are responsible for:


    Books - CSU Bookstore

     CSU Form


    Placement Testing for New College Students 

    Students taking college classes may have to take Accuplacer tests to determine proficiency levels in subject areas.

    Accuplacer tests are used to evaluate academic skills of new students in order to place them in appropriate classes. Test results also help determine if a student needs additional skill-building courses before enrolling in college classes. Accuplacer test scores expire after two years.

    Prepare for the placement tests by visiting: