Advanced Learning Plans

Advanced Learning Plans in Poudre School District are written for every student who meets the district crtieria for gifted identification.

Overview of Advanced Learning Plans in Poudre School District.

Advanced Learning Plans focus on the four priorities for gifted programs in Poudre School District.

  • Advanced Academic Performance and Achievement
  • Independent Learning and Research
  • Post-Secondary Readiness and Career Exploration
  • Social and Emotional Needs/Affective Guidance

All goals for Advanced Learning Plans will address at least one of the above goal areas.  Schools will support goal achievement by offering programming options and services targeted for gifted learner needs.

For a description of gifted services at each school site, please visit GT by School.

Advanced Learning Plan Communication:

  • By September 15 - All parents of identified gifted learners should receive communciation regarding the ALP process at the specific school site. This communciation will describe the timeline for writing and implementing ALPs.
  • By Winter Break - All parents of identified gifted learners will receive a final copy of the ALP. 

Parents are encouraged to contact the school's GT Site Coordinator with questions about the ALP process.

Educator, Parent, and Student Collaboration for ALPs:

PSD educators writing Advanced Learning Plans include the student in the goal-writing process. Parents can either be part of the goal-writing process or have an opportunity to provide feedback after the goal is written.

Additional Resources:

Fast Facts (Q & A from Colorado Department of Education)

What is an ALP?

ECEA statute 22-20-103
Rule Section 12.01 (2)

“Advanced Learning Plan” or “ALP” means a written record of gifted and talented programming utilized with each gifted child and considered in educational planning and decision making.

The ALP is…

  • A strength-based planning guide for curriculum, instruction, and assessment and social-emotional development.
  • A record of results and programming options implemented for goal and school success.
  • An accountability record showing short term and long term collaborative efforts.
  • A dynamic, working document developed and reviewed through collaborative efforts of the teacher/s, parents and students.


  • The areas selected as priorities for goals are monitored through ongoing assessment and parent-teacher conferences.

ALP Elements

  • Student Information – strengths, interests, achievement data, affective needs
  • Collaborative Goal Setting – parents, student, teacher, GT site coordinator or teacher
  • Services and Interventions – differentiated instruction, affective guidance, content extensions, and structure for implementation
  • Data-driven decisions
  1. Current student information and annual review will present data that guides decisions for acceleration and/or other programming emphasis.
  2. Achievement targets are annual primary obligations.
  3. Goals describe the specific and measurable programming emphasis for annual learning and growth.
  • Annual Review