School Choice Information

New School Choice Application Website Now Available

Poudre School District is a high-achieving district that provides academic excellence for students through its diverse schools and programs. PSD's School Choice program allows families to select the school that best meets their child's educational needs based on space availability and eligibility requirements.

Please note: Applications are not considered on a first-come, first-serve basis; they are considered based on space availability. First-consideration dates and more information are included in the timelines linked below.

For information about deadlines, school notifications regarding submitted school choice applications, and when familes need to respond to schools about their decision, please select the appropriate timeline below:

Access the School Choice Website & Application Here

Communication with schools

With the new School Choice system, most communication is through email. Parents are responsible for monitoring submitted applications and for contacting schools about acceptance of seats or requests to be on a school's waitlist.

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