PSD Provided Device Resources

Families & PSD Secondary Students, 
Great News! Poudre School District is several years into the PSD Provided Device program. We believe access to a mobile device allows digital learning to continue in and out of school. With this privilege comes shared responsibilities. Please support our efforts to ensure a safe online learning experience in school and at home. 
  • PSD Responsibilities - we believe providing a safe learning environment in the classroom as well as online is essential. We need your partnership to ensure we follow healthy, safe online behaviors.
  • Families - discuss digital citizenship and how this opportunity is a privelidge that comes with responsibilities and consequences.
  • Learners - we need you to share the responsibility for safe online learning. This tool opens access to amazing resources, people, and collaborative learning opportunities.  
At the high school level, please complete the following steps to receive your device. At registration turn in the signed PSD provided device user agreement and pay the ONE time user fee $50. If you decide to participate after registration, simply submit the completed form and provide the funds to your school's main office. NOTE: The fee is waived for learners receiving free & reduced lunch.
At the middle school level, we are piloting the PSD provided devices for take home. You school administrator will communicate the plan for this process.

Watch & Discuss: "PSD Provided Device Effective Practices" - Short Video

Read & Discuss:  PSD Family & Student Computer Handbook - Reference highly effective guidance for a safe online learning experience.
En Español: Manual de la Computadora para la Familia/Estudiante del Distrito Escolar Poudre
Read, Discuss & Sign: PSD Provided Device user agreement
En Español: Acuerdo de Familia y Estudiante Para Uso de la Computadora Portátil

Additional Support Resource:
Common Sense Media Digital Safety 

Please contact your school administrator.
District level support - contact:
Kim McMonagle, PSD Director of Educational Technology