$6 million for improving educational technology across all schools

  • PSD classrooms will receive resources annually to provide learning environments that more closely resemble 21st century workplaces.

  • Funds allow schools to update computers and other technology for student use in classrooms. In 2011, the district refreshed nearly 6,000 computers; SmartBoards were installed in many classrooms and at the high school level we provide a PSD device for all learners. For more information, read the Technology Integration Program Overview.

  • Educators receive professional development annually on technology applications and new teaching tools provided in classrooms. Since 2011, teachers are learning how to enhance learning using SmartBoards, Netbooks and laptops as applicable by grade level.

  • $1 million is used to improve the district technology infrastructure to support the network and software, which provides connectivity efficiency for the Internet and other applications, including the PSD website and Student Information System.