Elementary School Technology in Action

Irish Elementary and Prezi

3rd grade students at Irish Elementary use Prezi to enhance 21 Century Learning.

Johnson Elementary: Regional Photostories 
Students at Johnson Elementary use Photostory to create  multimedia presentations about different regions.  Afterward, they provide feedback using Google Forms

Harris Bilingual Elementary       Science eBooks
Students at Harris Bilingual Elementary School interact with Follet eBooks to study science topics in an engaging manner.    The students utilize interactive features to take notes, highlight text, and collaborate with eachother.  

Tavelli Elementary Real Ebooks
Students at Tavelli  Elementary create Realebooks to demonstrate their learning around animals and their habitats.

Bethke ES and SMART Board

2nd grade students at Bethke ES use the SMART board for a variety of activities and lessons. Throughout the day, instruction is enhanced and made more engaging for students with the interactive SMART board.


Harris Bilingual ES and Tagxedo

4th grade students at Harris Bilingual Elementary School use the word cloud creator Tagxedo to visually describe a book summary.

Laurel Elementary and Khan Academy
Missy Yarborough, 5th grade teacher at Laurel Elementary, shows how she uses Khan Academy to assess her students' needs during math instruction.

Linton Elementary and Prezi Book Reports

4th grade students at Linton Elementary use Prezi to enhance their book report presentations.

Red Feather Elementary and Khan Academy

This podcast discusses the first efforts of using Khan Academy as an instructional resource in Poudre School District with examples from Red Feather Lakes Elementary.

Riffenburgh Elementary and Virtual Labs

Students at Riffenburgh Elementary work on a virtual lab to calculate their carbon footprint from a variety of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources

Shepardson Elementary Geometry Scavenger Hunt

Students at Shepardson Elementary use digital cameras and Google Presentations to identify different types of angles they found around their school.  They identified the type of angle by drawing on the image with digital drawing tools

Zach ES and Skype

Students at Zach Eementary, as part of Eco Week, speak to the last surviving member of a Colorado B2 crash via Skype.

 Bacon ES and Google Earth

Students at Bacon Elementary School use Google Earth to gain a more global perspective on their world.

Bacon ES and Storybird

2nd and 5th grade students at Bacon Elementary School collaborate to create digital stories online using Storybird.

Bauder ES and Glogster

Students at Bauder Elementary School reflect on their Eco Week experience using the online presentation tool Glogster.

Bennett ES and Digital Collaboration

2nd and 5th grade students at Bennett Elementary School create and collaborate digitally to reflect on animal habitats and adaptation.

Dunn IB ES and Photostory

Students at Dunn IB Elementary School write their own celestial myth, create a storyboard, and use Photostory to bring their myth to life.

Livermore ES and Storybird

Students at Livermore Elementary School use Storybird to express their creativity for a writing project.  Students also share their stories in front of the class using the SMART board.

O'Dea ES and SMART Boards

A 5th grade student at O'Dea uses a SMART board to create a project for the National Young Scholars Program.

Olander and Eco Week

Students at Olander use netbooks and Windows Live Movie Maker to create videos about their experiences in Pingree Park for Eco Week

Putnam Elementary and Glogster

5th graders at Putnam Elementary use various tech tools to create a presentation about themselves. 

Stove Prairie School and iPads

Students at Stove Prairie School explore applications to use on grant funded iPads to help enhance instruction and increase student engagement.

Traut Elementary and Prezi

Students at Traut Elementary use Prezi as a presentation tool for their research projects.  The 5th grade students were able to show off their Prezis for the school's cultural festival

Werner ES and Pixie

2nd graders at Werner Elementary School develop a five slide presentation using the tech tool Pixie about their heroes. 

Werner ES and Glogster

5th graders at Werner ES create graphical blogs using the online tech tool Glogster to present science research projects.