Graduation Rates

PSD above statewide graduation rate

PSD has exceeded the statewide average for four-year graduation rates in all but one year since 2010, when the state changed how the rate was reported.

Class of 2018 graduation rateStudents celebrate graduation by throwing their caps

PSD graduation rate: 84%
Statewide rate: 80.7%

PSD's Class of 2018 four-year graduation rate is 84 percent, bringing it 3.3 percent above the statewide rate of 80.7 percent.

All four of PSD’s comprehensive high schools and all four of its smaller high schools saw increases in four-year graduation rates. PSD saw large improvements in the four-year graduation rate at multiple schools. Additionally, for the first time in several years, PSD’s dropout rate was just 1 percent, compared to the state rate of 2.2 percent.

The four-year graduation rate also includes 2018 seniors who fulfilled PSD’s graduation requirements within four years but remain enrolled in high school to participate in the Ascent program, which allows them to take college classes at Front Range Community College or AIMS Community College tuition free. Students in the Ascent program take only college courses.

This inclusion of Ascent students in four-year graduation totals marks a departure from how the state calculated graduation rates in the past, following the implementation of new legislation that allowed schools to count these students in four-year graduation totals.

PSD’s four-year graduation rate does not include 2018 seniors who remain enrolled in other specialized programs including:

  • Opportunities Unlimited – a specialized program housed at Poudre High School with flexible hours, college courses and some online classes
  • Cooper Home/Community Connections – transition programs for students with special needs up to age 21 that helps with life skills

Students enrolled in those programs continue to show up in five-, six- and seven-year graduation rates, depending on their circumstances.


Graduation rates history

Additional graduation rates are on the PSD Research and Evaluation's Graduation Rates website.

Class of 2018
PSD rate: 

  • On-time graduation rate: 84%
  • 5-year rate: To be posted in 2020

State rate: 

  • On-time graduation rate: 80.7%
  • 5-year rate - To be posted in 2020


Class of 2017
PSD rate:

  • On-time graduation rate: 78.6%
  • 5-year graduation rate: 86.8%

State rate:

  • On-time graduation rate: 79%
  • 5-year graduation rate: 84.1%


Class of 2016
PSD rate:

  • On-time graduation rate: 81.4%
  • 5-year graduation rate: 84.8%

State rate:

  • On-time graduation rate: 78.9%
  • 5-year graduation rate: 84.1%


Class of 2015
PSD rate:

  • On-time graduation rate: 78.6% 
  • 5-year graduation rate: 85.8 %

State rate: 

  • On-time graduation rate: 77.3%
  • 5-year graduation rate: 83.3%

Class of 2014
PSD rate:

  • On-time graduation rate: 81.7%
  • 5-year graduation rate: 85.8%

State rate:

  • On-time graduation rate: 77.3%
  • 5-year graduation rate: 81.7%