School Bus Safety Poster Contest

The 2019 School Bus Safety Poster Contest is now closed for kindergarten through fifth-grade students. The contest is sponsored by the PSD Transportation Services in collaboration with the National Association of  Pupil Transportation.

Students in grades K-5 may submit original, creative posters about school bus safety that illustrate the 2019 theme "Red Lights Mean Stop!" and meet the required guidelines (see below). 


Contest details:

Divisions: The contest includes two divisions - one for grades K-2nd (Division 1) and another for grades 3-5 (Division 2). A winner for each division will be selected. 

Poster deadline:

Prizes: Winners will receive a brand new bike and helmet! Winning posters may also be selected to compete at the state and national contest levels.

Selection of winners: PSD Transportation will select two winners, one from each division, and notify their teachers in May 2019. Bicycles and helmets will be presented to the winners before summer break on a date determined by the school and PSD Transportation Services.

Winning Posters will not be returned and become the property of PSD Transportation Department. Every effort will be made to return all other posters to the school site.


Poster guidelines:

Posters that don't meet required guidelines may be disqualified.

  • Posters must be 11” x 17” or 12” x 18” and may be vertical or horizontal.
  • The theme Red Lights Mean Stop! (must include the punctuation), should be on the front of the poster and be done freehand only. Cut paper/stencils (freehand or pre-drawn stick-on stencils) are not permitted and will disqualify the poster.
  • A portion of a yellow school bus must be on the poster.
  • Posters should be submitted on tag, poster illustration board or heavy paper. Construction paper may be used but winning entries must be mounted on quality tag poster.
  • There is no limitation on type of media such as print, crayon, felt pen, etc. used on the poster design but wood, plastic, glass or metal should NOT be part of the poster.
  • Collage materials should not be used.
  • Glued on pieces will disqualify the poster.
  • Poster designs may not include copyrighted characters, photographs or magazine/newspaper illustrations.
  • At least part of a yellow school bus must be present on the poster.
  • Do not laminate the poster.
  • Do not roll the poster, it must be delivered flat.


Selection criteria and considerations:

  • The theme, Red Lights Mean Stop! must be included in the poster design (must include the punctuation) and at least part of a yellow school bus must be on the poster.
  • Relationship of the poster design to the school bus safety practices
  • Originality of the poster and how the idea is expressed in the poster design
  •  Artwork and its execution
  • Visual impact of the poster design