Poudre School District

Educate Every Child, Every Day

District Goals

Poudre School District has created a variety of goals and objectives to help shepherd the district in ensuring that the mission to Educate Every Child Every Day is being fulfilled.

The Board of Education's District Ends Policy (DE 1.0) outlines the overarching goals for the district. The Superintendent is charged with implementing programs to fulfill these goals and objectives. DE 1.0 outlines PSD's five learning goals which seek to ensure that all students have a well-rounded education that prepares them to succeed in a changing world.

  1. Third grade reading proficiency
  2. Annual Academic Growth
  3. Post-Secondary Readiness
  4. Successful Transition
  5. Integration of Health and Wellness

DE 1.0 also outlines specific 21st Century Skills the board and district believe are necessary for students to succeed beyond high school either in a post-secondary institution or in the competitive workforce.

Through the improvement process, PSD also creates a Unified Improvement Plan each year with outlines areas for improvement and strategies and means by which the district is working to increase student achievement.