Language, Culture & Equity

Johannsen Support Services Center
2407 LaPorte Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80521
Primary Contact:
John McKay
Primary Phone:
Primary Fax:
970 490-3611
Primary Email:

Key Contacts

Title Point of Contact Phone Email
Director of Language, Culture and Equity John McKay 970-566-2722
Federal Programs Coordinator Nikki Stansfield 970-490-3054
Extended Learning Opportunity Coordinator Maria Ortiz 970-490-3065
Office Manager Kim Lipker 970-490-3081
Department Technician II Marisa Velez 970-490-3220
Department Technician I Stacey Gonzales 970-490-3022
ELD Program Specialist Colleen Worman 970-490-3191
ELD Program Specialist Daniel Hanlon 970-490-3248
ELD Program Specialist Daniel Gallegos 970-490-3259
Family Engagement Specialist Clare Barquero 970-490-3235
Family Engagement Specialist Claudia Menendez 970-490-3023
Program Specialist for Homeless Education Whitney Reid 970-420-9208
Program Specialist for Homeless Education Mary Ellen Keen 970-889-3792
District Translator Mariana Clopper 970-490-3018