Music Standards at a Glance


Colorado Academic Standards Music

The Colorado Academic Standards Music, as developed by the Colorado Department of Education were revised in 2009.

The standards include:

Expression of Music
Creation of Music
Theory of Music
Aesthetic Valuation of Music

The standards are further broken down by grade level, with Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) assigned to each grade level Pre-K through 8, and with high school being assigned a Performance Pathway and a Generalist Pathway.  The standards also include Essential Questions while addressing 21st Century Skills in Music and postsecondary and workforce readiness.  According to the CDE website, “By implementing a structured and standards-based music education, students continue the generational conversation and become fluent in the language of music as a manner of artistic, intellectual, and cultural expression. The acts of performing, creating and responding to music provide a means for development and growth in the ability to express the otherwise inexpressible and to facilitate growth in many areas of academic development.”

Colorado State Standards Music

Grade Level Expectation in Music

Elementary School                          Middle School                   High School

Preschool and Kindergarten                         6th Grade                                High School
PDF | Word                                                   PDF | Word                             PDF | Word

1st Grade                                                      7th Grade                          
PDF | Word                                                   PDF | Word

2nd Grade                                                     8th Grade
PDF | Word                                                   PDF | Word

3rd Grade
PDF | Word

4th Grade
PDF | Word

5th Grade
PDF | Word

To access these standards by grade level as a Word document, click here and select the appropriate Word file.

Prepared Graduate Competencies in Music

Organizational Topics in Music