New Teachers

Welcome New Teachers!
You're Hired!  What's Next?

Primary Contact: Laura Wagner, Human Resources

You're Hired! What's Next? (handout)

1. Letter of Intent to Employ - A letter of intent will be emailed to the email address you listed on your application within a week of Human Resources receiving notification that you have accepted a position.  The letter will include information on the documents required in order for your contract to be processed. You must sign and return the Letter of Intent to HR and complete all the requirements before a contract will be issued.

2. Colorado Teacher or Special Services License - Make sure that you have applied for your Colorado license.  Depending on the time of year, it can take a month or more for processing of licenses, so apply as quickly as you can.  Log on to the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) website for license application information. 

3. New Hire Payroll Paperwork - Download, complete, print and submit new hire payroll paperwork to the Human Resources/Payroll office located at 2407 LaPorte Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80521.  Upon submission of payroll paperwork your photo will be taken for your employee identification/access badge.  During this time you may also submit other documents required to start your contract (per the Letter of Intent).

4. Activate your PSD email account - After completion of new hire paperwork, a welcome letter will be emailed to the personal email address you provided with instructions on how to activate your PSD email account. 

5. Attend a Benefits Orientation - If your position includes benefits, an eligibility notice will be mailed to you explaining your benefit options along with information on attending a benefits orientation.  You may also register to attend a benefits orientation using Avatar, the online Professional Development Management SystemPlease note, you will need your PSD email/username and password to log into the Avatar system.  For more information about benefits visit the Newly Eligible Employees webpage.

6. Salary Placement - Your placement on the PSD salary schedule is determined by education ("Lane") and experience ("Step").  Please review PSD's Initial Salary Schedule Placement information.

7. Employment Contract - You will receive an employment contract after your employment has been approved by the Board of Education.  Due to high volume and processing time you will likely not receive your contract until August.  Your contract will be sent via your PSD email address.  It is very important to immediately return a signed copy of your contract to Human Resources. 

8. Review the New Educator Flyer 2015-2016 for additional information about:

  • Back-To-School Orientation (begins Tuesday, August 11 at 8:00 a.m. in the Fossil Ridge High School Auditorium)
  • Integrated Services (Special Education) Educators Training
  • Payroll
  • Contracts and licensure
  • Benefits
  • Required trainings
  • Mentoring and Induction
  • Frequently Asked Questions

9. PSD has a well-established mentoring program that offers support to all new and beginning teachers and special service providers in PSD.  Visit the Mentoring Program website for more information.

10. Review the following additional information/resources: