Grads at a Glance 2022: Stories about graduates


We rarely accomplish our goals alone.

That is true for Poudre School District’s Class of 2022, comprised of students who have worked so hard in their journeys to graduation. As you explore this year’s Grads at a Glance series, you will learn about some of our students through the voices of those who have cheered for them along the way.

See their stories on the PSD Grads at a Glance website.


Lucas Pedemonte, Fossil Ridge senior

Supporters of Lucas Pedemonte, Fossil Ridge, say he is curious, smart and aware.


Julia Warnock, PGA senior

Julia Warnock, PGA , uses music to express herself and views mistakes as a chance to grow. 


Kelly Velasquez, PHS senior

Kelly Velasquez, PHS, is brillant, empathetic and exceptional. See her and those who support her here. 


Danika Hostetler, PCA senior

Danika Hostetler, PCA, is described as unique, extraordinary and resilent by those who care about her. Learn why here.

Luis Morales, PCA senior

Luis Morales, PCA, didn't like school. With the support of his family and teachers, he's looking forward to graduation. 

Abdulazuz Yusufjanov, Rocky senior

Abdulaziz Yusufjanov, Rocky senior has passion, drive and is an all-around amazing person.


Neha Srikanth, Fossil Ridge senior

Neha Srikanth, Fossil Ridge, is an advocate for equity, trying to change experiences for others.


Rowan Martey, Polaris senior

Rowan Martey, Polaris, is a competitive skater and community leader who excels on the rink and in school. 


Chase Nelson, PHS senior

Chase Nelson, PHS, uses art to deal with anxiety and is working to break the stigma related to mental health issues.


Aden Faris, FCHS senior

Aden Faris, FCHS, "fails forward" despite life's challenges. He turned tragedy into opportunity.

Cade Whish, FCHS senior

Cade Whish, FCHS, is "everything you would always want in a son" - hardworking, inspiring and full of pride. 

Ryan Woodall, Rocky senior

Ryan Woodall, Rocky, radiates kindness, and is recognized as one who gives back to everyone.

Madison Gill-Twitt, PGA senior

Madison Gill-Twitt, PGA, is an early graduate described as tenacious, compassionate, bubbly and more. 


Shayna Stevens, Polaris senior

Shayna Stevens, Polaris, is an independent and determined young woman - a resilient warrior.


Lelyn Lopez, CHS seniorLelyn Lopez, CHS, is seen by his supporters as genuine, valiant and committed. See why he's incredible.

Alice Post, CHS senior

Alice Post, CHS, discovered  true self in school and is a strong advocate for the LGBTQAI+ community. 


For details about graduation ceremonies, visit the Graduation 2022 web page.