Congratulations and thank you to retiring PSD staff

Congratulations to the 120 Poudre School District staff members retiring this year! A huge thank you to each of them for their hard work and dedication to serving PSD students over the years. We are grateful and wish them the best as they move on to new experiences.

Congratulations and thank you to:


Jeanne Abkarian, Integrated Services, IEP System Coordinator
Debra Alexander, Fossil Ridge High School, School Office Manager
Karin Anduss, Linton Elementary, School Office Manager
Carla, Arellano, Laurel Elementary, Teacher
Mary Barela, Preston Middle School, Teacher
Nancy Beck, Livermore Elementary School, Teacher
Jill Bell, Kinard Middle School, School Secretary
Sarah Belleau, Integrated Services, Director of Integrated Services
Cynthia Brandjord, Eyestone Elementary, Teacher Early Childhood INT SV
Greta Budelmann, Lincoln Middle School, Teacher


Karen Carlton, Cache La Poudre Elementary, Interventionist
Mark Carroll, Webber Middle School, Teacher
Brenda Cisneros, Polaris School, Teacher Integrated Services
Tina Crewdson, Johnson Elementary, Office Manager
Daniel Curren, Fossil Ridge High School, Teacher
Megan Daly, Olander Elementary, Teacher
Patricia Daniels, Fort Collins High School, Paraprofessional Vocational
Holly Dea, Boltz Middle School, Media Tech Center Site Manager
Renee Denning, Fossil Ridge High School, School Secretary
Mary Devlin, Student Services, Nurse
Suzanne Dickens, Fort Collins High School, Teacher
Dana Doonan, Bacon Elementary, Paraprofessional
Mary Dougal, Curriculum & Instruction, Office Manager Support Services
Maria Dower, Poudre High School, Teacher
Rebecca Duke, Blevins Middle School, Media Tech Center Site Manager


Debra Fields, Webber Middle School, Child Nutrition Manager
Theresa Fightmaster, Student Services, Counselor Lead
Mary Beth Fischer, Kinard Middle School, Teacher
Kathi Frasier, Laurel Elementary, Teacher
Richard Edmondson, IT, Technical Support Specialist
Barbara Engstrom, Shepardson Elementary, Teacher
Ruben Enriquez, Fort Collins High School, Teacher
Deanne Erskine, PSD Global Academy, Teacher
Ragan Evans, Building Maintenance, Electrician Master
Cheryl Gadwa, Cache La Poudre Middle School, Teacher
Jay Gallagher, Bethke Elementary, Assistant Principal
Trina Garlo, Eyestone Elementary, Teacher
Jerry Garretson, Operations/Facilities, Director of Facility Services
Timothy Gates, Transportation, Bus Operator
Donna Geisert, Payroll, Payroll Technician II
Debra Gillan, Putnam Elementary, McKinney-Vento Family Advocate
Connie Gotschall, Putnam Elementary, Paraprofessional
John Grogan, Employee Assistance Services, Counselor
Kathryn Haugen, Werner Elementary, Teacher
Beatriz Hendrick, Irish Elementary, Paraprofessional 
Ann Hinz, Traut Elementary, Paraprofessional Early Child INTEG SVC
Kelly Hogeland, Bauder Elementary, Teacher
Eileen Hostetter, Fort Collins High School, Career Center Coordinator
Mary (Colleen) Howard, CLP Middle School, School Secretary/Health Tech
Rebecca Hunter, Johnson Elementary, Teacher
Susan Hunter, Fort Collins High School, Teacher
Brenda Isherwood, Fort Collins High School, Technology Systems Manager
Candace Iverson, Linton Elementary School, Child Nutrition Manager


Dennis Jamison, Transportation, Bus Operator
Robin Jamison, Transportation, Bus Operator
Gayna Jobe, Cooper Home, Program Specialist
Matt Johannsen, Fossil Ridge High School, Teacher
Margarete Jones, Blevins Middle School, Teacher Integrated Services
Elizabeth Joseph, Webber Middle School, Paraprofessional Integrative Services
Leah Kapral, Rocky Mountain High School, School Secretary
Lorraine Kidder, McGraw Elementary, School Office Manager
Dana Koenig, Fullana Learning Center, Nurse
Albert Koonce, Bacon Elementary, Custodian Head Elementary
Nancy Kurtz, Bacon Elementary, Teacher
Ruth Lanciotti, Tavelli Elementary, Paraprofessional 
Ann Lawler Perry, Cache La Poudre Elementary, Counselor
Denise Lee, PSD Global, Teacher Integrated Services
John Little, Construction Services, Construction Project Manager
Brian Lockie, Bauder Elementary, Custodian Head Elementary
Jane Long, Blevins Middle School, Child Nutrition Manager
Connie Lucero, Shepardson Elementary, Paraprofessional Integrative Services
Joan Luymes, Lopez Elementary, Child Nutrition Manager
Candace Martin-O'Connor, Fullana Learning Center, Assistant Director of Early Childhood
Marsha Maynard, Transportation, Paraprofessional Bus Attendant
Valerie Mitchell, Eyestone Elementary, Paraprofessional 
Jodene Moore, Zach Elementary, Teacher
Kristi Morehart, Warehouse/Custodial, Delivery Services Worker
Pamela Murphy, Laurel Elementary, Teacher
Erin Murray, Rocky Mountain High School, School Office Manager



Gregory Neal, Fossil Ridge High School, Teacher
Melinda Neal, Fossil Ridge High School, Teacher
Lee Needham, Boltz Middle School, Teacher
Dale Olson, Transportation, Bus Operator Lead
Maria Orozco, Webber Middle School and Johnson Elementary, LCE Family Liaison
Tamara Osborn, Fort Collins High School, Teacher
Lori Painter, Bauder Elementary, Teacher
Cidaliza Paiva-Walz, Language Culture & Equity, Teacher
Robin Pettinger, Rocky Mountain High School, School Secretary
Di Ann Phillips, Boltz Middle School, School Secretary
Corryn Powell, Poudre High School, Registrar
Anthony Rakowski, Building Maintenance, HVAC Technician Journeyman
Gloria Restrepo, Harris Bilingual Elementary, Paraprofessional 
Michael Roberts, Centennial High School, Principal
Randi Robinson, Dunn Elementary, Media Technology ASST I
Kara Roth, Dunn Elementary, Teacher
James Rumbold, Jr., Johnson/Shepardson Elementary Schools, Teacher
Jane Ryan, Linton Elementary, Teacher
Scott Schlup, Rocky Mountain High School, Teacher
Connie Schreckengast, Olander Elementary, Paraprofessional 
Tonya Schwolert, Traut Elementary, Teacher
Lois Setzer, Harris Bilingual Elementary, Child Nutrition Team Member
Karen Simpson, Transportation, Bus Driver
L. Jill Sinclair, Zach Elementary, Teacher
Laura Stamper, Human Resources, Department Tech II
Susan Stephens, Laurel Elementary, Teacher
Mary Stewart, O'Dea Elementary, TOSA



Ruth Tanner, Timnath Elementary, Teacher
Nicholas Tarquinio, Transportation, Bus Operator
Linda Twogood, Preston Middle School, Media Technology ASST I
Mary Lou Valez, Irish Elementary/LCE, LCE Family Liaison
Guadalupe Venzor, Rocky Mountain High School, Custodian
Teresa Waddell, Linton Elementary, Teacher  
Laura Weaver, Fort Collins High School, Registrar
Laurie Wertzbaugher, Student Services, Nurse
Donna Widhalm, Fossil Ridge High School, Teacher
Helen Wilmot, Integrated Services, Accounting Technician I
Loretta Yabroff, Webber Middle School, Teacher
Kaili Young, Integrated Services, Behavior Analyst
Laurel Zitowitz, Bennett Elementary, Paraprofessional