PSD on 2-hour delayed start Thursday, Jan. 20


PSD schools will start two hours later than normal Thursday, Jan. 20, 2022, due to severe weather and road conditions.

  Español - 2-hour delay Jan. 20 | عربي - Delayed start Jan. 20

Here is what you can expect:  

  • Bus pick-up times: Buses will pick up students at bus stops 2 hours later than the regular schedule. Road conditions may increase travel time for buses and students may have a longer wait time at bus stops. 
  •  Drop-off and arrival times: Students who walk to school, are dropped off or who drive should arrive 2 hours later than regular arrival times. Please do not arrive earlier. 
  •  Early Childhood Education programs: Morning sessions are canceled when the district does a two-hour delayed start. Afternoon sessions will start and end at normal times. Full-day sessions will operate on a two-hour delay.
  •  Before- and after-school childcare: AlphaBEST will NOT be open for before-school care but will operate as normal for after-school services.  
  • School dismissal times: Schools will dismiss students at normal times. Bus drop-off times in neighborhoods and parent pick-up times at schools will also be on a regular schedule. 
  •  Breakfast: Breakfast will not be served. 
  •  Futures Lab: All Futures Lab classes are canceled due to the delayed start and varied schedules at home high schools. The Lab campus will be open when high schools open, and teachers will be on-site and on-duty. 
  •  Students who take classes at Front Range Community College or Colorado State University should contact their instructors directly or refer to the respective institution's website for information about FRCC and CSU schedules due to inclement weather. 

Note: This message does not apply to PSD-authorized charter schools, which manage their own operations. Families of PSD-authorized charters should contact their school directly with questions.