PSD shifting COVID case notification protocols to align with contact tracing change

Dear PSD community,  

Transparency is paramount and, for that reason, we want to inform you of a change to Poudre School District’s protocols for notifying families and staff about COVID cases.  

PSD is shifting its case communication strategy and will only send notifications to parents/guardians of students identified as close contacts in high-risk cases, which are defined by the county health department. This change will take effect immediately. Email and/or robocall notifications will no longer be sent for routine classroom exposures. 

Translations: Español  COVID Case Protocols Shift |  عربي COVID Case Protocols Shift

This aligns with the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment’s recent announcement (LCDHE) (Español LCDHE letter) that all schools will discontinue contact tracing and quarantines for routine classroom exposures. Contact tracing with fidelity is no longer possible because of test result delays, an increase in the county’s case volume and our district’s need to have staff focus on filling shortages to prioritize in-person learning. PSD continues to trace high-risk exposures. Examples of high-risk exposures may include athletics, band/wind/brass instruments, singing, preschool, etc. 

During this winter COVID surge, we want to be responsive to some families that have reported feeling overwhelmed by the numbers of case notifications they have received from PSD. That said, the PSD COVID-19 data dashboards will remain available for anyone wanting to monitor cases at a particular school or department. Dashboard users can filter cases by date and grade level. Please note that dashboard data may not be as up to date as it was prior to the overwhelming number of Omicron cases; that said, PSD staff continue to enter cases as quickly as possible. 

Always but especially now, we ask for the PSD community’s help to minimize the spread of COVID-19: 

  • Those who are positive for COVID must stay out of school and isolate 
  • Continually monitor yourself, your student, and any other members of your household. If anyone is exposed to a positive individual or starts experiencing symptoms, get tested  
  • Neither staff nor students should come to school if they are experiencing illness symptoms  
  • If it is right for your family, consider getting vaccinated. Public health officials recently updated guidelines for exemption from quarantine due to vaccination. Read more in this Jan. 10 PSD news item >> 

Thank you for your continued partnership,  


Poudre School District