PSD student wins best in show, Denver Month of Photography teen exhibit

PSD Virtual freshman Maggie Poe was recently selected as Best in Show in the Denver Month of Photography's 2020-2021 Teen Exhibit Gen Z.

For submissions, students from Colorado were asked to highlight their perspectives through the past year. Poe originally submitted her project as a response to a quarantine self-portrait in her Art Appreciation course. “Art for me is an outlet. It means I can create what I want, whenever I want. I can build worlds with only pencils and paper, or even photographs. It also means capturing little moments,” Poe said.

Some of Poe's work:

  • Girl holding a ukulele by an open window
    Maggie Poe's "Best in Show" winning image.
  • A woman walks outside through a garden. Flowers are drawn in the photograph.
  • A girl stands by a river. A monster-like figure is drawn into the photograph, peering at her through the trees.
  • A girl floating in the water with drawings around her head to make her look alien-like.

Poe has always been an artist, honing her art skills during middle and high school particularly. Her love for photography began about four years ago when her mother gave her an old camera. She instantly fell in love with analogue photography.

She finds inspiration for art in her daily life.

“My daily routine can give me so many ideas or special moments,” Poe said. “I also find a lot of inspiration from my mom.”

Sara Harris, Poe’s art teacher, brought the Gen Z: Responses to 2020 Month of Photography Denver Festival to Poe and insisted she submit her photo from the Art Appreciation class. Poe was surprised and proud of herself for winning the competition because she liked the photo, and it was about her perspective on quarantine.

“Perspective is not only how you perceive the world, but it is how your experiences connect with what you are imagining,” she said.

Poe took her winning photo in Old Town Fort Collins. Poe saw a window with a stool under it and began to tell her mother about how there was so much possibility in that window. Poe had her ukulele, too, which is shown in the photo.

“I really think the photo symbolizes quarantine for me because I am always trying new things, like the ukulele, and looking ahead to better things. I really just started with the window picture; then my imagination grew the image slightly,” Poe said. She added the crow because she thought it would be funny if it looked like she was imagining it, but it was somewhat there.