Summer Shaffer selected to serve as the PSD Foundation’s Executive Director

Summer Shaffer, PSD Foundation executive directorPoudre School District is pleased to introduce Summer Shaffer as the PSD Foundation’s executive director.

In this role, Shaffer will lead fundraising for the foundation, build and grow community relations, advocate, and lead operational, financial planning and management. Shaffer, a self-described problem-solver, down to earth human, and generational expert (on generational norms and their impact at work), will begin working March 1.

Shaffer comes to PSD as the co-founder of her own business, Moxis, a business consulting organization aimed at helping individuals and organizations to thrive in today's multigenerational marketplace through effective talent development and change management.

She also worked for over a decade at Colorado State University. As senior associate director of communications, outreach and technology at the CSU Career Center. she led a high-performing, cross-functional marketing, outreach, and technology team. She also served as a representative and executive committee member on the Administrative Professionals Council.

Shaffer has two master’s degrees - one in science management and another in science organizational leadership - from CSU Global Campus. She earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations at the University of Central Florida.

During her first 90 days, Shaffer is looking forward to working closely with the PSD Foundation board of directors to craft a robust, sustainable, mission-driven fundraising plan that will support and impact students, teachers, and ultimately the community.

“I will spend a great deal of time listening and learning from the PSD community,” said Shaffer. “I look forward to identifying ways in which the foundation can continue to support PSD’s greater mission of helping students become future ready.”

Shaffer has innovative ideas for fundraising to reach donors of various walks of life and plans to help the foundation reimagine new programs and donor opportunities in the future. 

Arthur Sintas, PSD Foundation board president, said the board is excted to have Shaffer join their team.

“We are all excited to have a fresh face in the foundation as we move out of the final phases of the pandemic and into this phase of community building for the foundation,” said Sintas. “She brings to PSD a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm.”


Asked what drew her to PSD, Shaffer said she learned about the foundation two years ago. When she became aware of state funding limitations and that PSD is among the districts that receive the lowest levels of per pupil funding in Colorado, she saw an opportunity for the foundation to do more to support the district.

Shaffer said, “I have a passion around providing equitable opportunities for people.” Her background in communications and fundraising made her an ideal candidate for the position. She is excited to use her skills to bring the community together and provide ample opportunities for staff and students. Shaffer is also enthusiastic about building awareness of the foundation in the community.

Shaffer was diagnosed with a learning disability during elementary school. “School was not easy for me growing up,” she said. “I had to try really hard to do well in school and I loved school because I love learning new things.”

Shaffer was active in theatre during high school and credits that experience with helping her discover her professional interests. “This is where I found my career path, doing marketing and fundraising for the plays,” she said.


10 facts about Summer Shaffer

  • Shaffer co-founded Moxis, a business consulting organization aimed at helping individuals and organizations to thrive in today’s multigenerational marketplace through effective talent development and change management.
  •  Her fur baby is Ramona, a shelter rescue cat - Shaffer claims Ramona is the most talkative cat has ever met.
  • Shaffer is a PSD parent. Her daughter is a junior at Rocky Mountain High School.
  • Shaffer was raised in Estes Park, Colorado until the age of seven, when Shaffer’s family relocated to Orlando, Florida.
  • Her first job was at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.
  • Shaffer has been a keynote speaker and featured presenter for over a dozen conferences and over 35 businesses and organizations focusing on generational differences in the workplace .
  • If Shaffer could have any superpower, she would choose to have the ability to fly so she could travel anywhere in the world.
  • If Shaffer could pick up any talent or skill easily, she would love to pick up rock climbing. She would like to one day hike a fourteener.
  • When asked to fill in the blank: _________________ makes everything better, Shaffer said, “Taking a long walk makes everything better.”
  • Her heroes are her parents and daughter: Her mother passed away when she was younger. However, her collective parents taught her the value of working hard and helping others. Her daughter sets a clear example of kindness and acceptance of others.