Celebrating our core mission: A letter from the PSD Foundation  

Dear PSD community,  

Graduation week has arrived!   

The Poudre School District Foundation (PSDF) offers its heartiest congratulations to our more than 2,250 graduates and everyone who is wrapping up the school year with new knowledge and energy for all that lies ahead. Out of everything we collectively celebrate during this time of year, the graduation of the Class of 2022 is by far our community’s most important and long-lasting success.  

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Graduation is the ultimate goal for every PSD student – from first graders to sixth graders to ninth graders. We are confident that our PSD graduates are prepared to be successful in our ever-changing world – to face their next adventures with sound experiences and opportunities. As amplified by the PSD Communications team this past month in the Grads at a Glance series, each of our graduates has persevered and achieved so much with the support of PSD teachers and staff, family members and friends. 

Alice Post, CHS graduate


Neha Srikanth, Fossil Ridge graduate


Aden Faris, FCHS graduate


You can also celebrate all 2022 graduates here through PSD’s list of graduating seniors. 

On behalf of the Poudre School District Foundation Board, I am writing to express our pride in and dedication to these successes – and to many more in the future. The Foundation is honored to work in concert with the district, as together we focus on shared priorities of literacy, mental health and wellness, and graduation with options. We are also partners in ensuring a continued high-quality public school education for all the students in our communities.   

This past February, the Foundation was honored to award over $12,000 in grants to more than 11 teachers and programs through the Impact Grant program. We look forward to continuing to support teachers and schools through this program and other fundraising efforts in the future. Look for more great things to come from the Foundation over the course of the coming school year. Visit the PSD Foundation website for the latest updates. 

Community support and generosity is always appreciated by our students, staff, and teachers.  For more information on giving visit this site. 



Summer S. Shaffer 
Executive Director 
Poudre School District Foundation