PSD board approves changes to 2022-23 school calendar - new first day of school, 5-day fall break

The Poudre School District Board of Education voted at its Jan. 25, 2022, meeting to approve the following changes to the 2022-23 school year calendar. 

  • The transition day for sixth- and ninth-grade students is now Monday, Aug. 15, two days earlier than previously planned. 
  • The first day of school for all PSD students is Tuesday, Aug. 16, two days earlier than previously planned. 
  • The 2022 fall break will now be five days, instead of three. It is Nov. 21-25.
  • As a result, staff will return to schools two days earlier, on Aug. 11 and 12, for building workdays (no school for students). 
  • See the revised 2022-23 school calendar here.


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We are announcing the results of the board vote and resulting changes now to give our communities as much time to plan as possible. PSD's school year calendar is available on the Calendars and Schedules web page. 

Initial results from PSD’s recent calendar input survey indicate that there is community support for these changes, particularly the decision to lengthen PSD’s fall break. In total, 8,571 people – 500 of which were middle and high school students – responded to the survey that was open to anyone in the community. Survey results will be posted on the PSD website when they are finalized.

After the survey closed Jan. 1, the PSD Calendar Committee began assessing the initial feedback from staff, students, family and community members. Considering the change made to the 2021 fall break during the current school year and at the request of district leadership, the PSD Calendar Committee developed options for the Board of Education to consider related to the modification of the 2022 fall break in the already-adopted 2022-23 school year calendar. Committee co-chairs presented those options and initial survey feedback to the board at the Jan. 11 meeting. 

As part of PSD’s commitment to be inclusive of all students and recognize their unique backgrounds, Superintendent Brian Kinglsey also plans to update district policy to take into consideration religious holidays and restrict certain school events from being scheduled on religious holidays. Additional information about the timeline for adoption and other details aren’t yet available, as this work is underway. 

Looking ahead, the Calendar Committee will use 2022 survey feedback to develop the 2023-24 school year calendar and beyond. The committee intends to administer the survey every two years from here on out, as part of a cycle of regular feedback to guide long-term calendar planning efforts.