Heat in PSD schools

As you may know, temperatures are predicted to be in the high 90s on Thursday, Sept. 9, and Friday, Sept. 10. Students are encouraged to wear lightweight clothing if possible, bring water bottles to school and remain hydrated during the days.

Additionally, PSD staff may take the following steps to help students remain cool in classrooms during the rest of this week and on future hot days, as well:

  • Ensure that students may take frequent water breaks throughout the school day. Hydration stations are open for use.
  • Plan indoor activities as opposed to going outside for recess or P.E.
  • Keep blinds down and closed during the day
  • Open windows first thing in the morning to let the cool morning air in, if possible
  • Use a circulating or box fan to spread cool air.

Please remember that warm weather conditions are temporary. As the days get shorter and temperatures at night are cooler, daytime highs are not reached until later in the day. This helps to reduce the heat stored in the building structures, keeping temperatures at more comfortable levels during the school day.

Thank you for your understanding during this warm-weather period, as we support schools.