Kinard's Rahul Ghosh spells "nachtmusik" to win District Bee

Rahul Ghosh, spelling bee winnerRahul Ghosh almost sounded like a famous actor accepting an Oscar when he celebrated his win at Poudre School District’s recent Spelling Bee.

“I’d like to thank my mom,” he said in the PSD Board Room, moments after clinching the title as District Champion with the correct spelling of nachtmusik. “She helped me study the words.”

Nachtmusik, in case you were wondering, is German in origin and means “serenade.” Not that Rahul, a seventh-grader at Kinard Middle School, needed any of that information to get it right.

Twenty elementary and middle school students from across the district recently competed at the District’s Spelling Bee, to earn a spot to compete at the State Spelling Bee in the spring.

The spellers nervously fidgeted in their seats as they waited for their turn to take the microphone. Some visualized the words by pretending to write them out on their palms. Others used the word’s definition or language of origin for clues about its spelling.

Rahul said that leading up to the Bee, his mom ran drills with him, quizzing him on a list of words she pulled up on her computer screen. Those intense study sessions might explain why Rahul didn’t flinch when judges threw tough words his way, and why he didn’t even pause before he confidently spelled his winning word in the 30th round.

“That is correct, congratulations,” Spelling Bee Judge and PSD Contest Coordinator Connie Kibbe said into the microphone. “Holy cow; well done boys. That was amazing.”

The final two contestants, Rahul and Lesher sixth grader Joseph Leisz, had duked it out round after round, spelling increasingly difficult words. When it was over, Joseph offered Rahul a high-five after a hard-fought competition.

The top ten spellers in the District are eligible to attend the State Spelling Bee on March 10 at Sturm Hall at the University of Denver. Those students are:

  • Josephine Armstrong, Blevins eighth grader
  • Austin Evans, Bauder fifth grader
  • Rahul Ghosh, Kinard seventh grader
  • Ethan Klabunde, Bethke fifth grader
  • Amber Kranz, Liberty Commons eighth grader
  • Joseph Leisz, Lesher sixth grader
  • Ananya Mahapatra, Webber seventh grader
  • James Messick, PGA eighth grader
  • Duncan O’Kelly, Johnson fifth grader
  • Allison Wuu, Traut fifth grader