PSD monitoring staff absences for April 27 as statewide 'day of action' is planned for school funding issue

PSD often leads conversations throughout the state regarding the need for additional funding for K-12 education. Providing our students with the best education possible is at the heart of our mission.

Recently, the K-12 funding issue in Colorado has gained widespread attention around the state. Locally, the Poudre Education Association (PEA) has encouraged several “days of action” to increase community awareness of this issue. On Monday, April 16, hundreds of PSD teachers joined their colleagues around the state wearing “Red for Ed” and staged protests to advocate for more funding for public education in Colorado. 

Teachers’ next statewide day of action involving school funding is planned for April 27. PEA is encouraging teachers to use paid leave time for this day to lobby at the state Capitol.  PSD is expecting a large number of staff to report absences on April 27 in support of this effort. However, the District is requiring those who participate to take the appropriate leave for the day.

We will monitor staff availability for April 27 with the safety of students in mind. If the District determines there is not enough staff available to adequately supervise students, it may designate April 27 as a non-student, teacher workday. As such, students may not have school on Friday, April 27.

The decision about whether school will be in session on April 27 will be communicated to staff, parents and the community by this Friday, April 20. This will give families time to plan accordingly. 

PSD takes its responsibility to our students and the community very seriously. Our decision will be made with the best interest of children and their safety in mind.