PSD seniors receive prestigious scholarship offers and appointments

Congratulations to these outstanding seniors who have excelled academically and earned notable scholarships!


U.S. Military Academy Appointments

Joseph Elson, RMHS; Taylor Marzolf, RMHS; Madelyn Bennet, RMHS; and Monique Roche, PHS (US Air Force Academy)


U.S. Presidential Scholarship Program

Presidential Scholar - Chelsea Wang, Fossil Ridge High School

Each year, up to 161 students are named Presidential Scholars, one of the nation's highest honors for high school students. U.S. Presidential Scholars are guests of the Commission during the National Recognition Program and enjoy an expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C., to meet with government officials, educators, and other accomplished people. To commemorate their achievement, the Scholars are awarded the U.S. Presidential Scholars medallion at a ceremony sponsored by the White House.


National Merit Scholar Program 

National Merit Scholar Finalists: National Merit Scholars are selected from the finalists group. This list is updated as high schools notify us of students selected.

Genna Campain, Fort Collins High School
Eunice Chen, Fort Collins High School
Catherine Liu, Fort Collins High School
Ashley Zhou, Fort Collins High School
Chelsea Wang, Fossil Ridge High School
Emma Daharsh, Liberty Common High School
Catherine Molenaar, Liberty Common High School
Perry Nielsen, Liberty Common High School
Sedang Park, Liberty Common High School
Samantha Burrell, Poudre High School
Jenna Gorham, Poudre High School
Jana Jones, Poudre High School
Daniel Kang, Poudre High School
Grace Kenyon, Poudre High School
Kelsey Straw, Poudre High School
Tyler Joseph Dunaisky, Ridgeview Classical Schools
Joseph Elson, Rocky Mountain High School
Jace Fulton, Rocky Mountain High School

National Merit Scholars score in the top 1% academically. Three types of National Merit Scholarships are awarded: a one-time $2,500 award, a corporate-sponsored achievement scholarship or a college-sponsored merit scholarship. National Merit Scholars earn this elite designation through a two-year testing and application process. 


National Hispanic Scholar 

Perry Nielsen, Liberty Common High School
Emma Eddy, Poudre High Schoool 
John McLaurin, Rocky Mountain High School

The College Board’s National Hispanic Recognition Program recognizes about 5,000 of the 250,000 Hispanic/Latino juniors who take college board tests. The recognition is an exceptional academic honor.

Boettcher Foundation Scholarship

Boettcher finalists:
Jay Chandra, Fossil Ridge High School
Anuja Gore, Fort Collins High School
Shreya Pandit, Fossil Ridge High School
Maddison Schink, Poudre High School
Chelsea Wang, Fossil Ridge High School

The Boettcher Scholarship, sponsored by the Denver-based Boettcher Foundation, is a merit-based scholarship available to Colorado graduating seniors who provide service to community and school, and are top students in their class, display leadership and demonstrate character. Only 42 scholarship were offered across the state. 

The four-year scholarship includes expenses to attend the Colorado school of the recipient’s choice: full tuition, fees, a book allowance and an annual stipend for living expenses. The scholarship also includes lifelong programming and support to ensure that students reach their full potential as community leaders. 


Daniels Fund Scholarship

Daniels Fund Scholars:
Laura Rencher, Liberty Common High School
Grace Wankelman, Poudre High School

PSD seniors who have demonstrated strong character and a determination to succeed in life have been named Daniels Scholars and receive funding to attend the college or university of their choice. The Daniels Scholarship is a supplemental scholarship to all other financial resources, including the family contribution, available to the student. After other financial aid resources have been applied, the Daniels Scholarship covers the remaining expenses. Students also receive a laptop and printer.