Students pedal to class during Bike to School Week

With a lunchbox in hand and helmet strap snug around his chin, Gerard Rivas rolled up to Boltz Middle School and parked his bike on the overflowing rack out front. 

A boy wearing a bike helmut stands by a sea of bikes at Boltz Middle School.“My favorite part is going with my friends,” the sixth-grader said about biking to school. 

Gerard and three of his friends had big grins stretched across their faces as they glided up to school in a single file line on the sidewalk. The friends had decided to take a more active approach to their morning commute thanks to the Bike to School Week festivities at Boltz Middle School. 

During Bike to School Week, several PSD schools offer students incentives like prizes and breakfast if they get to school without sitting in their parents' cars.

 A girl walks her bike to lock it up at Boltz Middle School.“The goal is to get kids active,” said Brian Lackey, who works in the school’s Media Center and spearheaded the Bike to School festivities. “I’m trying to open up their eyes that biking is fun, biking is easy, and you have a lot of freedom when you bike.”

The two-mile ride from Gerard’s house took about ten minutes, and he had so much fun, he said he just might keep doing it, even after Bike to School Week ends.

Sixth-grader Evvie Kaplan said it only took her three minutes to get to school on her bike, and she loved every second of it.

“My favorite part was just being outside,” she said.