Grads at a Glance: Harrison Knostman, Poudre Global Academy Class of 2018


As his phone buzzed in his pocket, Harrison Knostman sat quietly in his yearbook class and felt a knot forming in his stomach.

His phone was lighting up with text messages from dancers around the country. The Juilliard School’s Admissions Office was starting to make The Call. 

It had been two months since Harrison, a senior at Poudre Global Academy and contemporary dancer, had auditioned for one of only 12 spots for male dancers. He’d spent every day in the interim waiting for this moment. 

He was pulling into his garage when his phone finally rang, and he got the news: He was in. 

“Getting that call was kind of like ‘wow, my whole life has paid off,’” he said. “It’s something I’ve always hoped for.”

High school has been a tricky balancing act for Harrison, who’s had to wedge homework and studying in between travel, long rehearsal sessions and training. His love for dance inspired him to make it work, even when it was difficult. 

“It’s hard, but it’s always worth it,” he said. “I’m here now. It took a long time to get here.”