Community Connections and Cooper Home programs recognize phenomenal graduates during celebrations

The PSD Community Connections program and Cooper Home Learning 4Living program honored outstanding graduates during ceremonies this spring.

PSD congratulates the graduates for all of their hard work and accomplishments over the years!

The Cooper Home Learning 4Living, a transition support program for students, will honor two graduates at a celebration May 25.

Graduates include:

  • Scarlet Kapoor
  • Corey Schneider 


Community Connections, a transition support program that prepares students to live fulfilling lives as adults in the community, recognized five graduates during a send-off celebration May 21.

Graduates include: 

  • Scott Anderson
  • Jeremiah Barrett
  • Andrew Bishop
  • Teagan Motschall
  • Elizabeth Wittenauer


Enjoy the photos of graduates below!


First Community Connections graduate

Second Community Connections graduate

Third Community Connections Graduate

Fourth Community Connections graduate

Fifth Community Connections graduate