PSD summer music classes available for middle and high school students

The Poudre School District Summer Music Program offers classes to any student, currently in fifth grade through graduating seniors.

Visit the PSD Summer Music Program website to register or for more information.


Classes are taught by professional music educators, often by the teachers students will have either in middle or high school.  For that reason, students should attend the site closest to their home school. Students will get to know their future music teachers, as well as many students who will be in their band and orchestra classes in the fall.

Three levels of summer music classes are offered:

Beginning - Designed for students who have never played an instrument before. These classes are generally taken by students entering sixth grade in the fall. Occasionally, older students who want to learn a second instrument or may have missed joining band or orchestra as a 6th grader, will participate. Students younger than 5th grade (current grade) are not allowed to participate without special allowance.

Intermediate - Designed for students who have played an instrument for 1 or 2 years (In general, students who will still be in middle school next year).  Occasionally, students entering sixth grade who have taken private lessons, or received other instruction are allowed to participate in the intermediate program.

Advanced - Designed for students who will be in high school next year or for students who have just graduated.