PSD schools to take part in Lockdown Drill Week Nov. 5-9

Students and staff at Poudre School District schools will practice lockdown drills between Nov. 5-9 as part of ongoing efforts to increase security and safety. 

Those at the schools won’t know ahead of time when their specific lockdown drill is set to occur; they will just be aware that one will happen at some point during that week. At the start of a drill, administrators will announce over the school’s intercom the lockdown is only a drill and emphasize there isn’t an active threat. 

Community members can expect to see a heavier-than-usual law enforcement presence at the schools when lockdown drills occur. PSD is hosting the drills in partnership with Fort Collins Police Services and the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office. 

Before the week of drills, teachers and staff have been asked to review their school’s lockdown procedures, so students, teachers, and administers know what they will need to do in the event of a real lockdown. After the drill, school staff, members of PSD’s Security team, and law enforcement officers will review what went well and areas of improvement. 

“Keeping students safe is our top priority, and we think these drills are an important part of that process,” said Norm Bastian, PSD security manager. “Our students, especially, want to take an active role, and work with staff to own their safety. Practicing these drills, the same way they practice fire drills, is one way everyone is working together to do that.”

While school shootings are rare, they are one among many emergencies – fires, tornadoes, and more – that PSD prepares for. In the event of an active-shooter situation, PSD teachers, students, and staff are trained to follow the nationally recognized “Run, Hide, Fight” response. This is something families can review together, as the actions apply to anyone, of any age, whether at work or school. 

PSD has in recent years invested millions of dollars in security upgrades to its schools and facilities. School Resource Officers, who are certified police officers, are based at all middle and comprehensive high schools. PSD also continually updates its crisis plans and implements prevention programs to ensure safe learning environments in schools.


For more information, contact Norm Bastian, PSD security manager, at 970-490-3523 or