PSD prepares to create schools for the future that will stand the test of time

Superintendent Sandra SmyserWe are busy planning for the new schools and facilities that will be built in Poudre School District over the next several years.

If you look at the history of PSD – and any school district for that matter –, you’ll see that each school building was created for its time and was both modern and futuristic when it opened.   

Each building in PSD, each school bears evidence of the era in which it was constructed. Some of those characteristics stick, and some don’t. The insides of buildings may change as years go by, but the buildings themselves and their exteriors stand the test of time. 

In middle and high schools, for example, it’s interesting to see how certain elements – such as having a great performing arts center to support student programs – are standard and, I bet, will still be needed in the future. Other features, like technology labs, might look completely different in 50 years. 

These are the types of conversations we’re having now, as PSD seizes the unique opportunity to explore how facilities could complement and enhance education for the next 100 years. 

PSD is also getting ready to start a long list of $40 million in much-needed improvements to all existing schools. Over the next few years, you can expect to see everything from the installation of new carpeting and tile flooring, to heating ventilation and air conditioning system upgrades, new furniture arrivals, and the landscaping of school grounds. With input from their unique communities, principals finalized their school’s project lists, and work is expected to get underway this year. 

The District’s bond-funded project list also includes: the middle/high school at the Prospect site, located east of Interstate-25; the middle/high school in Wellington, at a property on which PSD recently closed on the purchase; a southeast elementary school, east of I-25 off County Roads 5 and 30; a Zach Elementary addition; an Athletics Complex at the Prospect site; a Transportation Maintenance Facility, North Terminal; and the Futures Lab Project.

All of this is happening because you, our voters, made it so. With your support, we are dreaming and creating the schools for the future – that our little preschoolers’ grandchildren may attend. That is something to be proud of.  

Sandra Smyser