Career and Technical Education prepares students for life after high school

Whether students are preparing for college or on a path leading directly to a career, PSD Career and Technical Education gives students a curriculum to help them be successful in the workplace, higher education and community.

Throughout February, the CTE community is celebrating CTE Month to raise awareness about the educational opportunities and support they give students to help prepare them for careers and college.

In PSD, about 50 CTE classes, ranging from computer science and engineering to business, finance, consumer science and more, are offered at middle and high schools. CTE courses are rich with academics, integrating math, physics, writing/composition and computer literacy skills into the curriculum.

According to Kathy Hanson, PSD CTE coordinator, more than half of PSD high school students take CTE courses. 

"I'm excited to celebrate CTE Month and honor our students, teachers, counselors and community partners as we provide opportunities for students to discover what they LOVE to do and help them take their passion to a career," Hanson said.

Many CTE courses offer hands-on, work-based learning through job shadowing, apprenticeships, and internships with real professionals. Students may earn industry certifications, academic credit, and even concurrent enrollment to earn some college credits while still in high school.  And in many cases, students even get paid.

Businesses across northern Colorado collaborate with PSD to teach and employ students as a means to develop talent and fill their own workforce gap. They help students discover their preferred careers and learn skills they may use in college, their communities, and their lives.

Learn more about CTE by visiting the PSD CTE web page or by enjoying one of the features and PSD TV videos (on YouTube)  below.