Student Experience videos showcase inspiring stories of PSD students

PSD Superintendent Sandra SmyserPoudre School District exists for one reason: our community’s children.

I recently wrote about PSD’s aspirational goals for students (or the “District Ends”), which include Foundations for Success, Connections, Success in a Changing World, and Above and Beyond. We believe these four are important. They summarize all the lofty goals we have for students. 

There comes a time when a student needs to practice 30 long-division problems until they master the skills to tackle other harder, more complex problems down the road. They also need to have opportunities to see themselves in their work, to apply their learning to their passions, and to see how the skills they learn today apply to what they want to do after high school.

So, we as educators made a conscious decision to look at the system from the kid perspective. It’s what we call the “student experience.” That’s what I believe our parents and community members care about. 

They care that their student has a foundation upon which they can build a successful life and career. They care that their child feels connected and supported. They care that their child benefits from the value of a public education, and that they can go on to be happy, make a living, pursue their passions and change the world. 

So far this school year, PSD’s Communications team has produced a series of videos with our schools that take you behind the scenes of some incredible and moving experiences of students throughout PSD. We also flipped the script and asked our educators to show the community how they’re creating empowering environments in which kids may enjoy their own unique #PSDStudentExperience. 

“The student’s experience is everything. It’s why we do what we do; it’s why we come to work. It’s because we want to provide every single student with an experience that helps them become their best self,” as Steven Watkins, a teacher at Kinard Core Knowledge Middle School, so eloquently put it in one video.

If you haven’t yet seen it, I invite you now to be inspired and visit PSD’s Student Experience site. 

Thank you for the privilege of educating our community’s children. It’s the best part of our days, every day.



Sandra Smyser, Ph.D.