2016 Bond and Mill Update: Summer work focused on improvements across the District

Building Our Future Together logoOur students deserve the best, and PSD is so thankful to the community for its support as the District works to give them just that.

This summer, PSD is hard at work making improvements across the District. This includes renovating media centers, replacing furniture, updating heating and ventilation systems, and adding space to Zach Elementary School to increase the school’s enrollment capacity to 600 students without the use of modular classrooms, to name just a few projects. 

In the November 2016 election, voters approved a $375 million bond and $8 million mill levy override. With these funds, PSD will complete $40 million in facility improvements at all existing schools over the next three to four years. In addition to building two new middle/high schools, PSD will build a new elementary school in the southeast part of the District, and construct an addition at Zach Elementary School, a transportation maintenance facility, and the athletics complex at the Prospect site. 

Some projects are well underway. Take a look at what PSD has been up to so far, and be sure to re-visit this page, as we take you behind the scenes of summer construction in PSD.

You can also learn more about PSD’s mill and bond initiatives, forthcoming new facilities, and other projects related to PSD’s long-range planning here on the PSD website. 

Aug. 13 Presentation to the Board of Education

PSD Executive Director of Operations Matt Bryant and Assistant Superintendent Scott Nielsen present a wrap up of construction projects at PSD sites this summer. 


August 8 Update

Work has continued across PSD as staff work to get buildings and classrooms ready for students to return in just a few short weeks. Work completed in the past two weeks includes: 

  • Putting the finishing touches on the addition at Zach Elementary School
  • Installing new student desks and chairs at Polaris Expeditionary Learning School, Fort Collins High School, and Putnam Elementary School.
  • Installation of new furniture at Centennial High School (students helped put it together!)
  • Removal and recycling of old chairs at Lopez Elementary
  • Repaving projects French Field and Rocky Mountain High School 



July 25 Update

Highlights of work done the past couple of weeks include:

  • Continued work on the Zach Elementary School addition. This includes painting the west classrooms, installing flooring and finishing the exterior brick wall. The roof and exterior walls have also been installed on the east portion of the addition.
  • Installation of new furniture in the Johnson and Timnath elementary school media centers.
  • Renovating the computer lab at Lincoln Middle School. This includes new carpet, furniture, and a fresh coat of paint.
  • Removing and recycling old furniture at Fort Collins High School (Official) to make room for updated furniture
  • Installing new furniture at Centennial High School. 
  • Removing and recycling old student desks and chairs at Putnam Elementary School to make room for new furniture. 
  • Installing new furniture at Blevins Middle School
  • Working on asphalt projects at Polaris Expeditionary Learning School, CLP Middle School and Cache La Poudre Elementary School 


July 11 Update

See the latest bond happenings in this PSD TV video update.


June 27 Update 

Here are the latest accomplishments this summer and a quick video update.

  • Work replacing turf at Fossil Ridge High School’s football/soccer field
  • More progress on the addition at Zach Elementary School
  • Beginning repair work on a portion of Fossil Ridge High School’s roof
  • Work remodeling the computer lab at Eyestone Elementary School 
  • Continued work on repaving parking lots at Poudre Community Academy and Lincoln Middle School
  • New paint and flooring in the Boltz Middle School staff lounge 
  • Delivery and installation of new furniture at Cache La Poudre and Timnath elementary schools
  • Computer lab refresh (paint and new carpet) at Lincoln Middle School


June 18 Update

  • Continued work on the addition at Zach Elementary School. Crews have already put a roof over one portion of the new classroom space, and are working on pouring foundation on another 
  • Began work repaving the parking lots at several sites, including Lincoln Middle School and Putnam Elementary 
  • Started the process of replacing the asphalt surrounding French Field outside of Rocky Mountain High School
  • Began replacing the artificial turf at Fossil Ridge High School’s football and soccer field. 
  • Removed old furniture from media centers at Timnath, Shepardson, O’Dea and Johnson elementary schools. These media centers will be getting a refresh this summer! 
  • Installed new bookshelves in Bacon Elementary School’s media center 
  • Began work remodeling an art room remodel at Blevins Middle School 
  • Removed old furniture from Cache La Poudre Elementary School and Centennial High School, making room for new furniture