Board to explore possible mill levy override ballot measure for November election

Poudre School District's Board of Education directors reviewed a presentation about a possible mill levy override and considered draft ballot language for the possible measure during their meeting, Aug. 13. 

The Board is exploring having a mill levy override measure on the November 2019 ballot after a community poll in July indicated there is sufficient initial support for a possible PSD property tax increase measure. 

PSD's Executive Director of Finance Dave Montoya and Executive Director of Human Resources Vicki Thompson presented an overview of the possible mill levy override to the Board. The presentation covered the goals of a possible mill levy override, possible funding amounts and draft ballot language. View the possible mill levy override Aug. 13 presentation here. 

Draft ballot language for the possible measure is also available in the Board's Aug. 13 agenda materials here. 

Poll results show initial positive response to possible mill levy override

During its meeting July 30, 2019, the Board analyzed the results of a poll to gauge whether the community might support a possible PSD property tax increase measure on the November 2019 ballot. The Board decided there is enough support to explore a possible measure. 

Nearly three quarters of the 400 people polled responded positively to a potential $16 million annual mill levy override. Community members indicated they would be supportive of the hypothetical ballot measure if the money was used for increasing teacher salaries and adding mental health personnel, among priorities discussed by the Board in its past 2018-19 school year meetings. For the first time in recent history, PSD’s starting teacher salaries are thousands of dollars less than in neighboring school districts, including in Greeley and Loveland. Given that and other budget factors, the Board instructed PSD staff to explore the possibility of a November 2019 mill levy override. 

Potential uses of the mill levy override dollars, should the Board decide to place a measure on the ballot, could change during the Board’s exploration of this issue. 

PSD has a long history of community support. Voters most recently approved a $375 million bond and $8 mill levy override in November 2016. Money is currently being used to improve all existing PSD schools, as well as funding construction of new schools and facilities. 

Colorado ranks among the lowest in the nation in state K-12 funding. Additionally, PSD receives fewer state dollars than an overwhelming majority of Colorado’s 178 school districts. To make up the difference, PSD has over the decades asked its voters to make up the funding gap. On behalf of PSD’s students and staff, PSD says thank you for those past investments in our children’s educations.

This summer, crews successfully completed a long list of bond-funded projects at existing PSD schools and facilities. These included significant replacement of student desks and chairs, the installation of new heating/ventilation/air conditioning systems and carpets, and more. Construction of Zach Elementary’s addition also started this past school year, as did plans to build two new middle/high schools, a new elementary school in the southeast part of PSD’s district, an athletics complex, and a transportation maintenance facility. You can learn more about this work on the:

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