It's back-to-school time! Here's what you need to know for the 2019-20 school year!

Welcome to the new school year!

Everything you need to know as you head back to school is below. If you don't find what you're looking for, please email for more information.



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Here in Poudre School District, we LOVE to celebrate the amazing work of students and staff. You can join the conversation and share good news by using the hashtag #PSDProud on any photos, videos or stories you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

School Schedules and Calendars

The 2019-20 School Calendar, translated calendars, FAQs, and information about the Calendar Committee are available on the PSD Calendars and Schedules web page.  

Key dates: 

  • Monday, August 19: Transition day for sixth and ninth grades
  • Tuesday, August 20: First day of school for all schools!

Check with your school regarding schedules for transition days and kindergarten schedules.

New school bell schedules!

Don’t forget! The 2019-20 school year marks the start of new bell schedules in PSD. Many schools have different start and end times than last school year, so be sure to review the list and get more information in the New Bell Schedules web page. 

Please contact your school directly if you have specific, logistical questions about your school’s 2019-20 start and end times, including extracurricular and athletic schedules.

Transportation and Bus Schedules

Contact: 970-490-3232
Bus schedules are posted on the Transportation website.The front of a school bus.
Once school starts, the route number will be posted in the window near the entrance door of each bus. Students use route numbers to determine their morning and afternoon bus. Route numbers for morning and afternoon buses may be different.

School Choice and Alternative Transportation applications are available on the PSD website along with information about bus routes and ridership eligibility.

School of choice families that submitted an application will be contacted after a decision is made about their application. 

Stay informed about where your child's bus is - download the Here Comes the Bus app! Full-access subscriptions are free to PSD parents! Learn more about the bus app here.

ParentVUE in Synergy

The Synergy ParentVUE portal gives parents web and mobile access to
real-time grades, assignments, and communication with teachers. Parents can stay
connected 24/7 with seamless access to a student's course history and health room visits (when available).

Parents should have recently received instructions on accessing ParentVUE accounts for both new and existing users.

For more information, visit the ParentVUE web page. You may access student information through the ParentVUE/StudentVUE portal or through ParentVUE/StudentVUE apps from the iTunes Store and Google Play!

Please contact your school for assistance or questions about your account.

Student Rights and Code of Conduct

Each year, parents/guardians and secondary students must sign that they have read the Student Rights and Code of Conduct, which is a compilation of rules, policies and regulations involving student behavior. In years past, this signature has been in paper form.

Parents/guardians now need to indicate they have read the Student Rights and Code of Conduct when they log into the ParentVUE parent portal by providing an electronic signature. This needs to be done once a year to gain access to ParentVUE. Parents will not be given access until this is done.

Middle and high school students will also be asked to acknowledge that they've read the Students Rights and Code of Conduct when logging into StudentVUE for the first time this school year.

If you have any questions about the Student Rights and Code of Conduct or ParentVue access, contact your school.

School Choice and Registration

PSD is still accepting School Choice applications for the 2019-20 school year through Friday, August 16 at noon (MST). Parents and guardians are required to register their kindergarten student at their neighborhood school even if they have already submitted a School of Choice application. 

Please note: Poudre School District is in the process of changing school schedules for the 2019-20 school year. These changes may impact schools you are considering as part of your school choice application. To see the latest draft of school start times under consideration, visit the New Bell Schedules web page. 

For more information, visit the School Options and Choice web page. 

Child Nutrition

Contact: 970-490-3557
PSD schools serve nutritious meals that exceed USDA guidelines and promote healthy lifestyles. A pile of fresh fruit.Menus are posted monthly on the PSD website and sent home in school newsletters.

In addition to accessing the information on the PSD website, access menus and other nutritional information by following the Child Nutrition Department on Twitter (@PSDNutrition) and Facebook for daily menu updates.
Meal Prices
•    Full Price: $1.45
•    Free & Reduced: No Charge
Adult charge: $2.15

•    Full Price, Elementary: $2.85
•    Full Price, Secondary: $3.10
•    Student Reduced Price (9-12): $0.40
•    Student Reduced Price (PK-8): No Charge
•    Student Free Price: No Charge
Adult charge: $3.85

SchoolPay is PSD's convenient online payment partner for meal payments. Visit the SchoolPay website to set up an account to view meal activity and balances, which are updated each evening.
Free and Reduce-Priced Meals, Fee Waivers

Did you know? If your child is eligible for free or reduced-price meals in Poudre School District, you may also be able to take advantage of another fantastic benefit: waivers for some school fees and charges. To be eligible for these benefits, you must first complete two forms each school year. 

•    Free and Reduced-Priced Meal online application (or you may pick up an application at PSD’s Child Nutrition office, 1502 S. Timberline Road, in Fort Collins). Your child’s free/reduced meal eligibility status is confidential. 

•    PSD’s Permission to Share Information for Fee Waivers and Programs to Receive Goods and Services form available online through the PSD ParentVUE portal. Completing the form gives PSD’s Child Nutrition Department permission to share your child’s eligibility status with other district officials. These officials must also maintain confidentiality of your child’s eligibility status. You must fill out the Permission to Share form each year.

Waivers are available for some but not ALL fees and charges, including summer school tuition, extra-curricular activities and supplies, curricular supply costs, and more.

After you submit the form and your child is approved, SchoolPay will automatically update fees/charges that are eligible for a waiver, displaying as $0.00 balance due once you proceed to checkout in SchoolPay. 

SchoolPay - Pay your fees online!

SchoolPay blue button image linking to PSD SchoolPay web page.

SchoolPay offers an easy and secure way to make payments to your child's meal account AND their school electronically. The SchoolPay payment portal accepts payments for meals, as well as athletic participation fees, course fees and charges, field trips, yearbooks and merchandise. 

Payments can be made online with credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card) or at your child's school. A convenience fee of approximately 3.35% is added to credit/debit card transactions for non-meal related items, regardless of whether payment is made online or at the school. A $1 transaction fee is charged for meal payments to offset the credit card processing fee, rather than the 3.35% transaction fee noted above.

Parents must have an account to use SchoolPay, but registration is free. Visit the PSD website for more information and an FAQ about SchoolPay

Please contact your school if you need assistance with SchoolPay.

Earn College Credit in High School

All high school students are eligible to enroll in free college classes, earning credit for college and high school classes simultaneously. Concurrent enrollment gives students an opportunity to graduate from high school with college credit, take specialized classes that match their interests and mitigate the cost of college tuition after graduation. For more information, speak to your school’s counselor or visit College Credit in High School web page.


Contact: Call your school if you have questions about athletics. 

PSD offers athletic programming for students in grades 7-12 and for students in grade 6 in the sports of cross country, track and field, and golf.

Students participating in athletics are required to have sports physicals and submit the required check-out forms before the first practice to the school office manager or athletic secretary. Register online through the PSD Athletics website. 

Practice for high school fall sports begins August 12. Middle school fall sports begin August 20. Contact your school for practice times and details. 

Sports participation fees are $110/sport for athletes in grades 6-8 and $157/sport for athletes in grades 9-12. Lacrosse is an additional $180. Ice Hockey is a pay-to-play sport.Unified middle school basketball is $66/athlete, and at the high school level all unified sports are $89/per sport. Athletic fees are higher for home-schooled, private school and charter school students participating on PSD athletic teams.  


Fee Waivers

Families who qualify for free/reduced school meals, may also be eligible for waivers for certain school fees.
Information regarding a student’s free/reduced meal status is extremely confidential. Therefore, families must give PSD permission to share this information with staff that need it by completing the Permission to Share Information for Fee Waivers and Programs to Receive Goods and Services form. This form is available electronically through ParentVUE (in the left side navigation - select FORMS.) Paper copies are available at your child’s school.

To have certain school fees waived, families must:
1.    Be approved to receive free or reduced-price meals; and
2.    Complete the Permission to Share Information for Fee Waivers and Programs to Receive Goods and Services (available through ParentVUE – select FORMS on the left side navigation) EVERY year.

Visit the Parent page on the PSD website for more information about ParentVUE, SchoolPay, Free and Reduced Lunch Applications and the Permission to Share Form. Please contact your school with any questions.


Watch PSD athletics livestreamed via NFHS Network 

New in the 2019-20 school year, fans can for a fee stream live broadcasts of PSD high school athletic events through the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) High School Sports Network website. Then, 72 hours after the event, the streaming fee is waived. To find a game, go to the NFHS website and search for Poudre School District or Fort Collins High School, Fossil Ridge High School, Poudre High School or Rocky Mountain High School. While there’s nothing like being at a game in person, the NFHS Network allows family members, friends and fans who can't attend an event the opportunity to access and cheer on their favorite high school sports and athletes. Click here to learn more, including streaming costs. 

Learn more, including streaming costs, on the PSD Athletics website.

Early Childhood and Preschool Programs

Contact: 970-490-3204
A toddler plays with a soccer ball outside.

Many factors other than income are considered for tuition-free preschool. See if your child qualifies!

Throughout the school year, approximately 1,300 students benefit from PSD’s Early Childhood Education programs, which take place in 20 elementary schools and seven community day care center classrooms spread throughout PSD’s geographic boundaries. These full- and half-day sessions give students a jump start on their education before kindergarten, helping them develop skills that they need to succeed in school.

Most spots in these Early Childhood Education programs are tuition-free, but many families may not realize their child qualifies for one. Under Colorado Department of Education guidelines, children can qualify for these tuition-free spots based on many factors. This means that families, who think they aren't eligible for tuition-free preschool based on income, should know that their child might qualify to attend PSD preschool free of cost based on other consideration factors.

Learn more about  early childhood programs on their website and apply for preschool here. 


Contact: Call the school nurse if you have any questions.

Colorado law requires students who attend school to be vaccinated against many diseases vaccines can prevent.

Students registering in a PSD school are required to present proof of immunization or a signed State of Colorado Exemption Certificate or Immunization Medical Exemption form, or a parent statement for personal or religious exemptions. Families with returning students must keep their child's immunizations current.  Full details on immunization requirements are available from the state of Colorado.

Immunization requirements are strictly enforced and students who don't meet requirements will be denied attendance according to Colorado Revised Statues 25-4-902.

To obtain immunizations free or at a low cost, call the Family Health Line at 303-692-2229 or 1-800-688-7777 or the Larimer County Health Department at 970-498-6700.

Student Wellness, Mental Health and Health Centers

Please inform your school's health care staff if your child has special health concerns, allergies, medications or dietary needs. A complete physical exam is required for students entering the preschool program and recommended for students K-4th.

PSD is here to support our students and their families. The Student Services department provides several programs to benefit students' physical and mental health. Services range from behavior support and counseling to crisis response recovery and mental health services

Student Health Centers offer medical and mental health services

Do you know a student who needs a sports physical or well child exam? CHS Health  Center logo of a yellow sun with a blue outline of a person.

PSD students may enroll in and have access to comprehensive medical and mental health services at two locations in PSD schools. Everyday Child Pediatrics, a nonprofit healthcare provider, offers students services ranging from health needs assessments, well-child exams and sports physicals, to care for chronic and acute medical and mental health issues. 

Student health and wellness services are offered at:

The Health and Wellness Center          Telehealth Virtual Care Services                         
Centennial High School                           Lincoln Middle School
330 E. Laurel St.                                       1600 Lancer Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80524                            Fort Collins, CO 80521

The Health and Wellness Center at Centennial High School and Telehealth Virtual Care Services, in the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile at Lincoln Middle School, offers medical care year-round for students. The needs of students/families who are uninsured, under-insured or simply having a difficult time getting care are prioritized. The Health Center bills insurances (including Medicaid and CHP+).  A cash pay option and a sliding fee scale is offered to qualifying families. No student is ever turned away for inability to pay! 

To schedule an appointment or for more information, call the Health Center at 970-488-4950 or visit the Health and Wellness Center's website

School Safety and Security

Student and staff safety are top priorities in Poudre School District. From continuing to enhance security features and practices in our schools, to further growing the capacity of our staff to respond to emergencies, our safety and security work is important and ongoing.

The PSD Security Department promotes an inclusive and safe climate through proactive and innovative services, relationships, and communication. PSD continually updates crisis plans and implements prevention programs to ensure safe learning environments in all schools. PSD Campus Security Officers (CSOs) and School Resource Officers (SROs) help keep students safe.

Visit the School Safety and Security web page to learn more about PSD’s emergency response and preparedness and more.

Safe2Tell: "See Something, Say Something."

We encourage students, staff and families to use Safe2Tell to report anything that concerns them regarding safety and security – of themselves, a peer or a colleague. To make an anonymous report, go to or call 877-542-7233. Use of Safe2Tell is NOT restricted to making reports about mental health concerns.  

Safe2Tell is an incredible resource that principals and others have said saves lives. For example, a student may report being concerned for the well-being of a classmate, who is reportedly suicidal. In those instances, PSD (and law enforcement, in some cases) have quickly rallied a team of caring and professional adults around that student – and their family – and provided the support they needed most.

School Supplies and Assistance

Contact: Partnership Center, 970-490-3517
School supplies on top of a student desk. Elementary school supply lists are available at each school, in school newsletters, from some local merchants and the School Supplies web page.

Secondary students should bring paper, pencil and pen the first day of school. Classroom teachers will announce specific supplies required.

Interested in school supply assistance?
"Supply Our Students" is a collaborative effort of Volunteers of America, Colorado State University, the OtterCares Foundation, PSD,and Realities for Children. These organizations work together to provide close to 8,0000 backpacks filled with school supplies for students in need. Please call your school directly for assistance or more information on how to qualify for supplies.

Want to donate?
The PSD Partnership Center is accepting donations of new school supplies through August. Supplies are distributed to students in need through PSD's family liaisons. Call 490-3517 to schedule a time to drop off supplies

PSD Partnerships and Volunteers

Contact:  Beth Higgins, PSD partnership coordinator, 970-490-3208, or 

The PSD Partnership Center connects local businesses, community organizations and volunteers to schools and teachers to support and enhance student learning, work experiences and community involvement. 

PSD has a variety of partnerships that include:
•    Small and large business partnerships for student workplace learning opportunities, mentoring, job shadowing, and more. 

•    Community and non-profit organizations that support PSD students and staff through programs like the "Supply Our Students" school supply drive, teacher appreciation offerings and events, in-class reading programs, and fundraisers. 

•    Parents and community members who volunteer their time and talents to help students and staff. To learn more about how to register to be a PSD volunteer and various opportunities, visit, or contact Monique Jorgensen at 970-490-3517 or 

•    PSD Insight Leadership Class for community members who want to learn about the district and how they can be involved in local education. Learn more about the PSD Insight class here, including how to submit an application to be part of the 2019-20 class. 

Learn more on the PSD Partnerships web page here. 

Get Involved!


  • School Wellness Teams - Looking to make an impact on health and wellness in your school? JoinA young girl waters a school garden. your school wellness team. For information, contact Wellness Manager Amanda Brantley, at  
  • District Accountability Committee - PSD's District Accountability Committee (DAC) is looking to fill several important representative seats for the 2018-19 school year. The DAC consists of parent and school representatives who work together to offer recommendations about the district's spending priorities, improvement plan, and charter schools to the PSD Board of Education. For more information, contact PSD Curriculum Director Robert Beauchamp, 970-490-3667 or

To see a list of all committees, visit the PSD Community Committees web page

Before and After School Programs (Provided by BASE Camp)

Contact: BASE Camp, 970-266-1734 or the visit the BASE Camp website.

BASE Camp provides licensed, safe, quality and affordable Before and After School programming on-site at your child's elementary school. Programs include a supportive social environment, academic support, physical activity and community engagement in a familiar environment with no transportation required.  
•    Available from 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM
•    No contracts or commitments - Pay as you go, and only for what you use
•    Drop-in options
•    Supportive social environment
•    Homework help
•    Tuition assistance available

Policy Regarding Treatment of Students, Families, Public

Executive Limitation 2.1 refers to treatment of Students, Parents/Guardians and the General Public. It has 14 different areas that the Superintendent is charged by the Board of Education with fulfilling including ensuring public input on material changes to district practices, consistent grading practices, communication to families about policies and procedures, collection and storage of student data, discipline policies and surveys of parents and the community.

A monitoring report detailing how the district fulfills the requirements of this policy is presented to the Board of Education each year. For more information about the policy, the Superintendent's interpretation of the policy as well as the most recent monitoring reports, visit the PSD Board Policies web page.

Sex Offender Registry Information

State law (C.R.S. 22-1-124) requires schools to notify parents about how to access records on registered sex offenders. Information about registered sex offenders includes:

•    List of offenders living inside city limits is available at the City of Fort Collins Police Services. The local Fort Collins sex offender registration list can also be accessed by going to the police station, 2221 Timberline Road, and filling out a request form.

•    List of offenders living outside city limits in Larimer County is available at the Larimer County Sheriff's Office administration building, 2501 Midpoint Drive. Books with information and pictures of sex offenders are available to view. A database is also posted on the Larimer County website.

•    Information about sex offenders via Colorado Bureau of Investigations statewide sex offender list is available on this State of Colorado registry. Follow the steps and select the city or county of interest for the information which is maintained by CBI.

Inclement Weather Notification

When inclement weather hits, PSD notifies you as soon as possible about changes to school schedules through the PSD website, social media channels, parent emails and phone calls. For more information about inclement weather procedures, visit the PSD Inclement Weather web page.

Communication in PSD

Contact: 970-490-3543
PSD uses several modes of communication to ensure families are informed about critical news, district topics and events, exciting student stories and inclement weather delays or closures.
Communication tools include:
•    PSD Website: The website is our primary hub of communication. We post alerts during a crisis, regular news items as well as calendars, menus and transportation schedules.

•    Emails: The bulk of district communication comes to parents through emails using the SchoolMessenger notification system. Contact your school to ensure your information is current in Synergy to receive emails and text messages, or visit ParentVUE to review/update your information.

•    Phone Calls: PSD uses the automated notification system to send phone calls to parents about district or school information including school closures, early releases or power outages. Parents are encouraged to keep all contact information updated throughout the school year. Contact your school to update your information or visit ParentVUE to update your information.
o    Voice Message Retrieval Line: : New for the 2019-20 school year, all automated PSD and school phone calls will come from one main number: 970-490-3050. In the past, the number displayed as 1-866-316-3462. We made this change with our families in mind. Some shared feedback that they didn’t always answer the 866 number thinking it was spam. Parents, guardians and staff members who may have previously saved the 866 number in their phone as a contact will need to re-save the new number.  If you miss a phone call or voice message from the district, you may call the number above and listen to the last 10 voice messages sent to your phone (most recent will play first).

•    Text Messages (SMS): To receive text messages from the school or district, parents must have an active SMS number on file in Synergy AND opt-in to receive text messages via their mobile carrier. 
o    To opt-in via your mobile phone, text "YES" to 67587 and you will receive a confirmation message.

•    Local media outlets: Snow day information will be available through local media.

•    PSD - TV (Comcast Channel 10 -- US Cable, YouTube Livestream): Provides updates and reports on district happenings, including airing sporting and musical events.

•    Social Media: Follow PSD on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube! See fun moments from back-to-school with pictures on Facebook and Instagram, updates on Twitter and videos on YouTube.

Twitter: @PoudreSchools

Instagram: Poudre_School_District