Test scores help us understand our students' learning and how PSD compares to other districts

“Continuous improvement” is sometimes just a buzz word but, for us, it accurately reflects our work.

While other organizations may measure continuous improvement by their bottom line, we measure ourselves by how well your kids – our kids – are doing. Specifically, we track kids’ learning.

Recently, the Colorado Department of Education released statewide scores for the 2019 Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) exams. The department also released results from the national pre-SAT and SAT tests; we are happy to see students participate in both because they matter to their academic futures. 

In keeping with past trends, our data show that our kids are ahead of their Colorado peers, cementing PSD’s standing as a top-performing school district. A host of schools did better than in previous years; in fact, some were recognized by the Denver Post among Colorado’s most-improved and top-performing schools on this year’s CMAS tests.

Quite simply, our teachers, students and staff are doing amazing things.

Test scores are not an end-all-be-all measure. However, they represent a data point, among many, that help us understand our students’ learning, as well as how PSD is doing compared to other districts. We use scores to help us see what’s working and where we could focus our efforts for improvement.
At the same time, there is tremendous value in focusing on what’s going well, and what our collective efforts are doing to make our community a better place for kids and adults.

Thank your student’s teachers for working together throughout the entire school year to talk about each student and customize their teaching in order to help each kid achieve or grow more today than yesterday. 

Celebrate your child’s efforts in this area, no matter big or small. Praise their willingness to learn. 
We all know that test scores are not the most important thing we do here, but our high scores are tremendous and well deserved.

PSD community, we have earned the right to stop and celebrate the achievement of all students. I encourage you to do just that. 


Sandra Smyser, Ph.D.