PSD statement regarding inclusion of brand promise in Irish Elementary name

Recently, the Board of Education approved the Irish Elementary school community’s request to change the name to Irish Elementary Escuela Bilingüe to better reflect the academic programming offered by the Fort Collins school for more than 15 years. The recent change, which follows PSD district policy, was prompted by the Irish school community’s desire to update the name to Irish Elementary Escuela Bilingüe, a symbol of the tremendous teaching and learning that takes place in both English and Spanish at the school.

It’s important to clarify that Irish Elementary is still the school’s official name despite any misperception that this long-standing name was removed or altered in this process. The love and affection for Jean Irish – the woman for whom the school was named – remains strong at Irish and throughout PSD. “Irish” was preserved to honor the past and better reflect the present.

Parent educational choice is a cornerstone of education in PSD and the State of Colorado. PSD schools offer a wide variety of student experiences, be that through a Core Knowledge curriculum, an International Baccalaureate program, experiential learning opportunities, or multi-language education. Our parents may choose to send their child to any one of PSD’s schools, its authorized charter schools, and many more. We are proud that many parents have chosen to send their children to Irish Elementary Escuela Bilingüe, in part because of the opportunity to learn and speak two languages but mainly because of the school’s tight-knit community.

For additional information about the community work that went into this change, please refer to Irish Principal Lindsey Walton’s proposal and letter, submitted to the Board of Education.