Classified staff contribute to the greater good and help create positive experiences for students

Classified Employee Week is Oct. 7-11

Superintendent Sandra SmyserOne of the keys to finding fulfillment in one’s work is knowing that what you do serves a greater good. 

For Poudre School District’s 3,800 employees, that is a fundamental truth. What we in PSD do matters. It matters to our approximately 30,000 students and their families, and it matters to our greater community – the ultimate beneficiary of a thriving public education system. 

In particular, I want to recognize the significant contributions of our approximately 1,600 classified employees and celebrate them during Classified Employee Appreciation Week (Oct. 7-11).

Our bus drivers, custodians, electricians, payroll coordinators, Child Nutrition staff, paraprofessionals, and so many more, make what we do here at PSD possible. They literally make the wheels on the bus go ‘round and ensure that our kids have nutritious meals to fuel their growth and learning. They’re paramount to an organization whose bottom line isn’t tied to hitting monthly sales goals – it’s about creating fantastic experiences for students. 

We have lofty career goals for our kids, and we want each one of them to find something that drives them to stay engaged and grow into the phenomenal adults we know they will become. Part of the work we do in PSD is to teach students to pursue work that gives them a sense of satisfaction and pride that they’re part of something bigger. 

Our educators and staff ask questions – much like families do – and prompt students to dig deep and figure out what it is they’re good at and care about. The key then is to help them to see what careers integrate these skills and personal priorities. 

For example, a student might be passionate about pottery, but their only career pursuit is not limited to being a potter. Instead, they might articulate that what they really love about pottery is the opportunity to make something with their hands and work in a place that values creativity. That discovery, then, opens the door to endless job opportunities.

Our classified staff could have chosen to work for so many different employers. The fact that they chose PSD – an organization that loves and cares for kids – makes me proud. I for one am so excited to celebrate them and all they do each and every day. 



Sandra Smyser, Ph.D.