Happy Halloween! Students celebrate with parties and parades

Kids across Poudre School District showed off their creativity and imagination with festive Halloween costumes. Students celebrated the holiday with parties inside their classrooms, complete with snacks and fun fall-related activities.

Here are a few photos from the celebration at Olander Elementary School.

  • Four Olander students in costume smile at the camera
  • Three boys dressed in black costumes show their strength.
  • Two students - one a pilot and the other a unicorn.
  • A student enjoys a plateful of treats at a Halloween party.
  • A boy with curlers in his hair at a Halloween party.
  • A young girls with colorful horns on her head.
  • A group of boys play a Halloween game.
  • A girl dressed up as an angel for Halloween.
  • A boy with a fuzzy costume on.
  • A student dressed up as a butterfly.
  • Two kids  mug for the camera at a Halloween party.