Bauder students take a trip around the globe with Flag Parade 

At first glance, it might have looked like a school gymnasium. But for the elementary school students seated inside, it was the ticket to a journey around the world as they watched the school’s semiannual Flag Parade begin.

The parade provides students and families with an opportunity to share their own unique experiences and learn about other cultures. 

  • Two students hug during the Bauder Elementary flag parade.
  • Students in costume hold a Libya flag during Bauder's flag parade.
  • A boy holds a Jordan flag during the Bauder flag parade.
  • A girl holds an Iraq flag during Bauder's flag parade.
  • A young girl holds up an Egypt flag during the Bauder flag parade.
  • A young boy holds up a Cuba flag during Bauder's flag parade.
  • Two Bauder students hold up flags from their country.

Many students in the parade carry flags representing the countries that they or their families immigrated from. Some students wore traditional attire from the countries they represented. Each student in the parade had the opportunity to stand on stage and teach their peers something new.

“Ciao from Italy!” one student exclaimed as he took the stage carrying the Italian flag. He quickly rattled off facts about the country. 

The next group of students to take the stage represented Ethiopia, which, they pointed out, is known for coffee. 

And so, the parade continued, with students learning snippets about the rich cultures and histories belonging to these countries around the world. At the parade’s conclusion, Principal Brian Carpenter took the stage.

“All these cultures, and your own, come together in one school,” he told the crowd. “What a wonderful place to be.”