Eighth grader takes top prize at PSD Spelling Bee

2020PSD Spelling Bee Winner Wolfgang Jeckel, Ridgeview Classical SchoolsAs he stood in front of the microphone during the 12th and final round of Poudre School District’s 2020 Spelling Bee, eighth grader Wolfgang Jeckel wasn’t thinking about winning. He just wanted to make sure he got the next word right. 

 “A-D-H-E-S-I-O-N, adhesion,” he said.

And with that, Wolfgang, a student at Ridgeview Classical Schools, sealed his victory and joined 10 other PSD students who will be heading to the Colorado State Spelling Bee in mid-March. 

“I was excited,” Wolfgang said. “I was just hoping to get in the top 10.” 

Wolfgang studied hard in the months leading up to the Spelling Bee. His parents spent evenings quizzing him for up to an hour a day on the words listed in his study guide. Wolfgang said his years of taking Latin also came in handy as he deduced the spellings of words based on their definitions. 

Wolfgang will be joined by 10 other PSD students at the State Spelling Bee next month. The PSD students who qualified for this competition are:

•    Lily Petrecca, eighth grade at Webber Middle School

•    Kate Parson, eighth grade at Blevins Middle School

•    Alyssa Johnston, fifth grade at McGraw Elementary

•    Anthony Kinkead, fourth grade at Rice Elementary School

•    Wolfgang Jeckel, eighth grade at Ridgeview Classical Schools  (District Spelling Bee winner)

•    Kylee Pham, eighth grade at Boltz Middle School

•    Seleen Burgos, sixth grade at Cache La Poudre Middle School

•    Marcus Lang, fourth grade at Johnson Elementary

•    Joseph Leisz, eighth grade at Lesher Middle School

•    Sophia Dellota, eighth grade at Kinard Middle School

•    Avery Hicks, fourth grade at Dunn Elementary School