Poudre School District statement regarding before- and after-school childcare RFP 

Poudre School District is preparing to make a change to the before- and after-school care services offered to families at PSD schools. 

This shift follows a competitive Request for Proposal, or RFP, process through which outside vendors were invited to participate. PSD is dedicated to financial transparency and accountability, and its procurement processes are designed to ensure the district is consistently going out to the marketplace to find the best services available for the best value. 

PSD has historically contracted with nonprofit Before and After School Enrichment Camp. It is better known as BASE Camp, which has provided before- and after-school enrichment and childcare services for PSD families since 1988.

As PSD prepares to make this change, we would be remiss if we did not share our deep and heartfelt gratitude to the visionaries who sowed the seeds of PSD’s long-standing relationship with BASE Camp. To all the BASE Camp staff today and of years past, we say thank you. You have touched the lives of thousands of PSD students over the past three decades. Your lasting legacies will ripple out in our community for generations to come. 

Under its 2019-2020 agreement with PSD, BASE Camp provides before- and after-school enrichment and care in 27 PSD elementary schools. It also provides after-school care only at Polaris Expeditionary Learning School. PSD does NOT pay BASE Camp a fee to provide these services. BASE Camp provides services out of PSD schools and charges families for services directly.

District policy IHCFA states that PSD shall prepare and advertise an RFP for school-based before- and after-school care services no less frequently than once every five years.

Long overdue, PSD posted an RFP in December 2019 with a goal of evaluating the competitive services available in today’s marketplace to ensure that families are getting the best services for their money.

A committee of PSD employees evaluated vendor RFP submissions and interviewed finalists as part of a competitive process. Recently, then RFP committee recommended that the district start negotiations with AlphaBEST Education Inc., a company that has provided before- and after-school programming to thousands of students in school districts nationwide. On March 13, PSD’s Procurement Services Department notified vendors who participated in the RFP process of that recommendation.

PSD will not disclose specifics about AlphaBEST Education’s RFP response because the negotiations process is underway. 

PSD's contract with BASE Camp was to provide services to PSD families through May 28, 2020. If negotiations with AlphaBEST Education are completed, AlphaBEST Education would start providing services for the 2020-2021 school year.