Superintendent condemns student's racist social media post

Español - Superintendent condemns student's racist social media post


May 30, 2020   

Dear PSD staff and families,

Tonight, Poudre School District administrators were made aware of an appalling and racist image related to the death of African American man George Floyd, posted on what appears to be a Poudre High School student’s personal Instagram account. Upon learning of the post, the school’s principal contacted the student’s parents immediately and asked that the post be taken down. Despite the prompt response from the school, we know that hundreds of students and community members saw the post before it was removed.  

The post does not represent the Poudre High School or Poudre School District communities, people or our values. We take this very seriously. District administrators are investigating and assessing the situation to determine next steps. The contents of the post’s photo and text are inappropriate and hurtful at any time. They are especially so this week, given the deep pain and fear members of our Black community and people all over the world are experiencing due to the recent events in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

I am disgusted and disappointed by the post. We do not tolerate hate or racism of any group at any time in PSD. Pursuant to our goal of educational equity, PSD is committed to being an organization of dignity and belonging for every person and group of people.  

We strive to be an environment where our students and their families feel safe, seen and supported. In alignment with our mission of educating every child every day, our hearts are with our students, and our work is dedicated to their well-being and safety.  



Sandra Smyser, Ph.D.