PSD Virtual: A 100 percent online option in 2020-21

Poudre School District will launch PSD Virtual (PSDV) as a 100 percent standalone online education option for families who cannot or are not yet ready to send their children to school if in-person education is permitted in some form this fall during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To build upon our June 24 2020-21 school year planning update, enrolling at PSD Virtual is optional and its availability does NOT mean the district has determined that we will be in a purely remote environment this fall. Again, no decision has been made about which phase of education (remote, hybrid or in-person) PSD will start the year. PSD Virtual is a separate alternative to education offered in each of these phases. We are working with the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment, continuing to follow local and state health and education guidance. As of now, we are cautiously optimistic we may be able to open to in-person education this fall. However, we want to be sure that our families who are not comfortable returning to any form of in-person instruction have the option to enroll in a full-time online program.  


PSD is fortunate to have among its existing schools the award-winning Poudre Global Academy. In its more than 10-year history, PGA offers students a high-quality hybrid education with blended online and in-person education. PGA leadership and other innovators across the district are building PSD Virtual as a stand-alone program and will use PGA and other online teaching and learning best practices to develop PSDV.  

Enrollment process

Grades K-12 

Parents/guardians should enroll their student in PSD Virtual, which has a separate enrollment process, by Aug. 8; registering your student at their neighborhood school is not sufficient.  

Important note: ParentVUE and StudentVUE will not be available July 10-14 due to system upgrades to prepare for the new school year. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.

Existing PSD parents/guardians: 

  • Log into your ParentVUE account.  

  • Go to the “PSD Forms and Applications” tab to access the “PSD Virtual - Intent to Enroll Form.” 

Parents/guardians new to PSD in the 2020-21 school year: 

  • You can activate your ParentVUE account starting July 15.  

  • Once your account is activated, log into your PVUE account.  

  • Go to the “PSD Forms and Applications” tab to access the “PSD Virtual - Intent to Enroll Form.” 


Early Childhood Education  

More information about the PSD Virtual enrollment process for parents/guardians of eligible PSD Early Childhood Education students will be communicated in mid-July. 


More about PSD Virtual  

  • Available to students in grades PreK-12; results from two parent/guardian surveys indicate there is demand for this program.  

  • PSD Virtual students will learn virtually 100 percent of the time in a program built on the framework of the National Standards for Quality Online Programs. 

  • Enrolling your child at PSD Virtual is a year-long commitment. This helps ensure continuity of curriculum for each student as well as the overall stability of PSD Virtual. There may be a possibility of transitioning back to your student’s neighborhood school at the semester break, but that opportunity will be on a space-available basis.  

  • Students will be co-enrolled in their home school to maintain students’ current relationships and supports. Although plans are still in development, we realize that quality online education is built upon personalization for each student and we intend to facilitate supports, resources and the best learning outcomes for your child in partnership with their home school.  

  • It is likely a student will be taught in PSD Virtual by a PSD teacher who does not work at the student’s home school and who works specifically for PSD Virtual.  

  • Students will need a designated adult at home to partner with their teacher and support their learning. The time commitment of this partnership will vary based on the age of the child and their readiness for online learning. This will look different from student to student. 

  • PSD Virtual students will be provided a device to use to support their online learning.  

  • In order to access online learning, your family will need internet access at your household residence. If you do not have internet service, it is possible that PSD may be able to help with access, but planning is still underway, and this is not guaranteed.  

  • Some students may have needs that are challenging to meet in an online format. If your child’s home school determines this is the case for your child, PSD and your home school will work with you to determine your child’s options for school next year.  

  • You need not do anything if you plan to attend your home school and not enroll your student in PSD Virtual. 

  • For more information, visit the PSD Virtual website.


Questions? Please check the FAQs first on the PSD Virtual web page. If you still have questions, please email